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    Default On this day in history....

    I seem to always remember today each year. This date just sticks out aside from every normal holiday. Why?

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    pearl harbor

    i that what you're asking? or why does it stick out to to you?
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    shrug, i didn't remember til I saw this thread.

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    It was also a Sunday that day, just like it is this year. (that's what I noticed)
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    I think, raz, that it was significant and helped create the culture that you presently live in though most here are too young to realize how much it shaped their present lives.

    I grew up with the people who were raising us and teaching us having been seriously affected by Pearl Harbor. Both in positive and negative ways.

    My school's industrial ed teacher had been stationed at Pearl Harbor and every year he spoke to us about what the experience was like for him. Very memorable to me.

    The story that I find most haunting is the battleship which sunk and for days after those on land could hear the men below the water banging on the hull trying to tell those above that they were still alive. But there was no technology to be able to rescue them in those days. So the living, slowly and painfully, had to listen to those dying under the water with no way to help.

    So many new things have come to light since the war about all the deceit and unAmerican attitudes and behavior which grew out of this act.
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