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Thread: Born alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    I see your point, but I don't agree with it. I think it's inconsistent.

    Who raises for the child? Certainly not the mother. Would anyone want to adopt a child from a failed abortion? Does it become a ward of the state? If so, I want there to be stricter qualifications before doctors allowed to perform abortions.
    Considering the number of people out to adopt white newborns, I'd say the odds of the child being adopted are pretty high. Especially if said botched abortion becomes a news item (with the mother's name withheld). People would be lining up in droves to take in the baby.
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    I believe to combat this the abortion standards need stricter guidelines. I don't see how doctors can screw up killing something that can't defend itself so consistently that a law has to be made about what would happen if the baby survives.

    The birth is not voluntary, theoretically, and should not be considered such. I don't think it should be criminal for the mother to withhold medical rights, but I don't think the mother should be allowed to keep a child she tried to abort either, making the decision not hers at all to begin with in my ideal world. If she tried to kill it when it's at it's most vulnerable states, I don't think she should be able to have any say, rights, or custody over it. The child goes to the state.
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