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There is a huge difference between government agencies and private corporations, especially regarding the matter of whether one has a choice as to whether or not to contribute resources to them. Competent governments have a monopoly on the use of force, "legitimate" or otherwise.

To put this all succinctly, capitalism at its worst increases the number of patrons, all competing for clients with each other. Communism (not synonymous with "government," btw) at its best increases the number of clients, and competes with no one else.

You do not think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac qualify as government? Regulations have played a huge part in this mess (which is hardly the end of the world-or of capitalism, much as you seem to desire that).
There might be a difference on paper, but corporations can manipulate politics, and thus influence government policy. Again; one raises taxes, and the other raises prices. You can go to another, but more than likely, they will be doing the same thing, (though they might have price wars on certain items at times; still overall, the trend is opposite, except in times like now, when the economy drops out; but then it's too late for many buyers).

As for those two agencies, they were already ambiguous as to being govt. and private. Now, of course, the government has taken them over, so yes, definitely goes to show that this line between "private" and government (capitalism and communism) is more fuzzier than you think.