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    Default legal accountability of political leaderships

    Do you think that there should be legal accountability of political leadership?

    Should there be global authorities or do you think that national governments should take legal actions against political leaders they can prove have adversely impacted not simply their own domestic populations but through forced migrations, population flight, disease and violence have impacted other nations?

    When I was at university I remember a lecturer, himself an asylum seeker, had talked about prosecution of political leadership which had caused famine or disease outbreak which where avoidable in a similar fashion to the prosecutions of war criminals at the Nuremburg Trials. Recent news about Brazil and the incredible level of deaths from COVID has me thinking about it again.

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    But who should be the judge depends on the country. Some can evidently sort this out on their own, while others evidently need "help".

    Therefore here is a thought about that.
    Although we must keep in mind legalized corruption, which probably isn't in the mix for the most part.

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