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    Default Civilization One?

    What do you think about lost civilizations or lost cities? Like the discoveries at Gobekli Tepe, which seems like structures and a temple which was deliberately buried by sand, which seems to predate the tools and skills required to create it and date to prehistoric times when humans had not long come out of the trees and had not created the wheel or something?

    There's all sorts of weird legends or conspiracy theories associated with these sites or supposed evidence of a "Civilization One", some of it seems to be attempts to affirm solo scripture and scriptural literalism in some of the world religions, ie "garden of eden" theorizing, then other ideas about alien planting of earth (themselves or with humans).

    Why do you think these archeological discoveries attract all the theorizing and do you think there is anything to it?
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    all this has happened before and all of it will happen again. I've observed that humans for the most part need to feel that they're more advanced in the present than they were in the past. But they have very short memories and nothing lasts forever. There is nothing new under the sun...
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