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Thread: Sunken Cities?

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    Default Sunken Cities?

    What do you think about sunken cities? The most recent, that I am aware of, was discovered of the coast of Japan but the official line on it could be that its a rock formation that simply looks a lot like some kind of man made structure, anyway, there are a lot of Atlantis myths, in different cultures, some of which had no traffic with one another about cataclysmic floods and sunken cities, what do you think about these?

    Do you think that there has been cataclysmic weather or environmental change in the past which could have wiped out entire "advanced" civilizations? Do you think that the magnetic poles of the earth could have reversed their polarity in the ancient past and caused events of this kind?
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    I think Miami is going to find out in the next decade; first hand what it's like to be a sunken city.

    the world is not a static place. tides ebb and flow and cities rise and fall. Climate is what you hope for. Weather is what you get.
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    Primitive civilizations and empires did fall due to weather and environment related reasons. However in my book advanced civilization is quite new concept on the surface of this plant.
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    The world isn't static, and there is really nothing we can do to change that. Just adapt along the way. We have plenty of time to plan and adapt before a city literally sinks via continental drift and or rising sea levels.
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