Capital hill autonomous zone, what are your thoughts on it. What about the people who support it? The politicians who back it? What should be done about it?

I think that it has become a horrible, unplanned, deadly LARP. That has resulted in the death of several people, including children. The area has become increasingly unclean/unsanitary. There is no organization. Crime, rape, and drug use has skyrocketed. People cannot leave freely.

If it is treated seriously, it would be considered military occupation, and thus prompt a military/guard response. If it isn't treated seriously, they will send the police in with deadly force. Either way, this probably will not end peacefully. The mayor who allowed this to go unhindered should be held accountable. It should also serve as an example as to what happens to society without police. This is how bad an unpoliced area of a 100 or so people is, imagine a city like Minnianapolis.