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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post

    I thought she was completely unqualified to run for 2008. Yet, her ability to become fluent in global politics and important issues enough to hold her own in the VP debate in such a short time was impressive. She seems like a quick learner.

    If they groom her to run for 2012, I think I'd be willing to give her a very through re-evaluation. She seems like she has the brains and social skills that, if trained by the experts, she could potentially be a respectable candidate.
    I think she has a decent shot at getting the nomination in 2012 if she tries to do it. I'm not sure if she'd win the nomination, but she'd be tough enough competition to not be considered an also-ran. Conservatives seem to love her, so that would get her tons of primary votes, and she'll have four years to prepare instead of being thrown into it all with little preparation.
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    i desperately hope she doesn't run for pres
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    I have said all along that it was McCain who was on the wrong ticket from the start. He should have been running under Independent. I think that Palin will champion a party in 2012 or at least some faction of the party should it split. Moderate and centrist Republicans may have had their last fill of the party as is and may choose to move to another party. Or it may be the Christian right who does it. Ironically the far left know they cannot go it alone in the Democrat Party, so for whatever reasons seem content to accept economic conservatism as long as the social part remains center left.

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