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    Default France's oldest WWI veteran dies - RIP

    France's oldest WWI veteran dies

    One of the last two surviving French veterans of World War I has died at the age of 110.

    Louis de Cazenave, who fought in the Battle of the Somme in 1916, died in his sleep at his home in Brioude, central France, his son Louis said.

    Mr de Cazenave's death leaves Lazare Ponticelli, also 110, as the last "poilu", or French WWI veteran.

    Mr de Cazenave's son said he died as he would have wanted - peacefully in his sleep at home, surrounded by family.

    President Nicolas Sarkozy sent condolences to Mr de Cazenave's family and paid tribute to all those killed in the war.

    Adding his tribute, French Defence Minister Herve Morin said:

    "De Cazenave departed with the discretion and simplicity that he had cultivated as a remedy against the fracas and horror of combat." ....
    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | France's oldest WWI veteran dies

    May you rest in peace with our Lord.

    [youtube="RFH8m-_Nd2I"]I once had a comrade[/youtube]
    Is the French version on youtube, does anbybody know?

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    Does he get to be buried with one of those white crosses in those bigass cemeteries? I'd love that kind of resting place.

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