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    Germany of course has got the confidence in Obama, moreso than in G.W..

    But you really need to get your shit together, at least when it comes to Germany they never had a bad attitude about Americans. You are and still be our saviours .

    Most germans think that Americans are dumb that is a common prejudice. But that is just because this is SJ country and they have a lot of prejudices about anything. Most people here dont dare to go over a street without looking 40 times to the left and to the right, so the American attitude of "Bigger, Better, Faster" will be interpreted as being dumb, from a more secure standpoint.

    I myself think otherwise, I am no fan of socialism also and I tend to like the American way more. But when it comes down to my roots, I am probably french, cause I am not much into politics, I only like to start rebellions .

    But please dont think the world thinks bad of you, because of things like the Iraq war. The arabian world is definitly some place you owe something too and you have to better your image there. But to make a mistake in foreign politics is no cause to be let down by your allies, just made you more humane and finally ripped of that shiny unharmed american armor of being the exemplary country making no mistakes. Cause there is no thing has a human making no mistakes.

    And I dont want to justify WWI and WWII with "mistake" that was no mistake that was bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    The first thing that popped into my head as I watched ithe event on Live television was "WTF!". After the first plane crashed, I assumed it was some deranged pilot. After the second plane, terrorism WAS the first thing that popped into my mind. Based on what the hostages on Flight 93 told people on their cell-phones before the plane crashed, the terrorists utilized fake bombs as well as box-cutters.

    how was your cellphone reception 35k feet in the air in 2001?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dga View Post
    how was your cellphone reception 35k feet in the air in 2001?
    The recipients of those phone calls seem not to have had any problems. :rolli:

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