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    Wait what makes you think her family was murdered because she was famous?
    I don't especially like mainstream music either, it's too much of the same thing.
    I only watch news and music I happen to like, mainstream or not, sometimes documentaries but you wouldn't catch me watching "Sweet sixteen".
    Sometimes I feel like I'm "on Mercury"-

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlyaK1986 View Post
    No, not really. I have no interest in the entertainment industry. I barely watch TV or listen to mainstream music.

    But as I said, she made herself prolific. So some people got more of a kick from whacking some of her family. Oh well.
    I see where you're coming from and i hate entertainment industry crap other than when its a total piss take then I eat it up. There's nothin' finer than making fun of stupid celebs, however having your family murdered is unimaginable. I believe it could have been avoided had her sister not gotten involved with trash (assuming he did it- I haven't been keeping up).

    My mother married a real piece of shit and we're lucky he didn't kill us as he once held a gun to her head when I was an infant. Had he killed us it would have been on her since she choose to involve herself with him in the first place.
    Time is a delicate mistress.

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