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Thread: Market Economy

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    Smile Market Economy

    Cosa nostra. Our thing.

    Our market economy?
    It is their market economy.

    Who are they?
    You tell me.

    We speak about the left and the right.
    The dichotomy in the perception of the economy, eh?

    The dividing line of the economy is not about the left and the right.

    What it is about?

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    about right and wrong

    uncertaintly vs. certainty

    etc... etc... depends u know?

    if obama wins by a large margin, look for a market rally. this uncertainty, and vagueness, and just in general turmoil has gotta go man! im so sick of this vague looking into the black abyss shit for two whole months... lolz

    small margin, or if mccain wins, look for another black hole. mccain wins means a long long period of poll error, election fraud thoughts... turmoil uncertianty among a huge proportion of the population. fukin shiet.

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    BURN TEH COMYEWNIST!!!!1!!:footballreferee:

    Side Note: why the hell are the smiley codes different from the mother site?
    The first board was like us, dammit!

    I'm being suppressed!!!

    also, just about all the non INTPc smilies suck, with the exception of the stoner and rave ones. I'm going to be stealing those. And the logical fallacy ones need to be developed more.

    Sorry for that, I will now fuck off for a very long time.

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