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    ...Because I'm Mr. Brightside.

    Oh, we're always all right. You remember that. We happen to other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    All I got out of this is that you just blamed sensors for everything that is wrong in the world.

    I get OP good intentions, but I can say that blaming sensors for everything seems not only weird but quite innaccurate. OP completely misses the boat on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vendrah View Post
    I get OP good intentions, but I can say that blaming sensors for everything seems not only weird but quite innaccurate. OP completely misses the boat on that.
    Clearly they do not want any effective conversation and just a bunch of know it alls to bicker about insignificant details for days on end.

    I think the OP is just rtyna save sensors from that nonsense.
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
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    Think tanks are part of the problem.
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    “There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.” Plato

    "Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils" Plato

    "Using Greece’s ‘Plato Philosopher kings of officials hold power of a NT Rational Mind who have power this world is down spiral. All these are NT: Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln: Emancipation Proclamation, Barrack Obama: Harvard Law and having some NF characteristics as well traits this in determining his Myers Briggs, and Dwight D. Eisenhower: 5 Star General and Allied Supreme Commander of the D-Day landings on the Western Front during WWII.

    Replace SJ club millionaire and too Plutocratic multi-Billionaire lobbying political lobby force army. In giving all politicians a fair chance our countries highest officials should be able to be at least a junior in a high school debate team sticking to objective face in an organized debate. Both sides of the political aisle resort to psychology classified 'Cognitive Distortions.' I.E.: 'Emotional Reasoning,' Labeling, Perjoratives and Name Calling,' All or Nothing Thinking,' 'Generalization' and other distortions of thought in their speech.

    People blinded by stereotype and prejudice elected Donald Trump when he out right lied proclaiming, “He has condemning evidence of the authenticity of President Obama’s citizenry.” He shamefully used the *Cognitive Distortion, ‘Labeling, Pejoratives and Name Calling’ when he disgraced his own self as a shameful man calling Rosie O’Donnell a farm animal determined by scientists to have a greater intelligence than a dog.

    Rosie O’Donnell has greater verbiage and language with a higher IQ than Trump. President Obama is Harvard Law, possesses Harvard’s Professor Howard Gardner Spatial Intelligence listed of his 8 Multiple Intelligences and speculated on a 9th Intelligence called Existential Intelligence. The President Mr. Obama gets a gold star for having added NF characteristics alongside NF traits. Both President Obama and Rosie O’Donnell have a far higher IQ than Donald Trump an ‘SJ,’ with no Intuitive Insights nor Spatial Intelligence as every NT and NF on planet Earth hold.

    The Intuitives of the 'NT Rational Mind' are the (I speak and write in metaphor terms) 'Titans of Mind That Have Walked Amongst The Fields Of Men.' Men and women llike Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Male and female NT's have higher Testosterone than their counterparts of 'SJ,' 'SP and 'NF,' four Myers Briggs Typology Index Profile.

    The 'NF' are 'The Sensitive Souls Who Metaphorically Are The Angels That Have Graced The Fields Of Men While In Mortal Flesh.' The 'NF,' males plus females all possess a higher and greater Estrogen level than their other Myers Briggs counterparts. John F. Kennedy, Helen Keller, Gandhi, and Eleanor Roosevelt are all INFP's as I am too. The 'NF's' who got it right are the champions of liberty and are akin a societal auxilary force working in conjunction with the 'NT Rational Mind' can help propel our society in emotional, spiritual and psychological growth and progress.

    The 'NT' and 'NF' have the high IQ's and are the only 35% Intuitives. NF's having hightened estrogen correspond to EQ, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence. Only an estrogen base NF have this quality. The 'SP' and also 'SJ' are sympathy in base. NT"s can have a strong moral compass but also don't have an 'NF' gift for truest form Empathy." LightSun
    LightSun Paul Peaceweaver

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    Likes Stigmata, Hermit of the Forest liked this post

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    Last time some guy came around expressing a desire to segment off a certain percentage of the population based on arbitrary criteria, Germany got really fuckin' weird for a few years.
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    Top5 best idea on this forum tbh

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    We should come up with some way of discouraging people from dumping all of their leftover wealth onto their children when they die.

    The only people this seems to help on the surface are those kids, but typically it just turns them into worthless trust fund babies with no real purpose in life.

    People should instead either spend their money while they are alive- dumping it back into the economy- or have it simply terminated/burned when they die, to combat inflation.

    Their would-be trust fund kiddies will have to become productive citizens to survive, or they could just die off- helping the environment by reducing the overall uu footprint.

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