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    The trouble is, it easier to each knowledge than wisdom. Building something can be reduced to a step by step guide, facts can be listed in an encyclopaedia, but understanding takes time. effort and experience. This means that a new generation picks up more of the lasts knowledge than its wisdom, building upon the physical and scientific foundation they left behind, but often forgetting their value systems and life lessons. Thus knowledge accumulates while wisdom has to be constantly relearnt.

    I think each generation tends to reshuffles virtues more than improve on them. Something lost, something gained.
    Don't make whine out of sour grapes.
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    Human nature is what it is. Technology just provided better ways of wiping out enemies.
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    Hmm... I've thought about this a lot over the years. And I think it's partly because, while we've opened up our minds to the possibilities of new scientific and technological advancements, we haven't been quite as open to the idea of expanding (or even changing) our spiritual beliefs. I believe this needs to change if we wish to evolve spiritually, especially since I feel that all religions are incomplete in their understanding of the nature of God and our purpose as living beings in this vast universe we call our own.
    “The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” ~Ernest Hemingway


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    "And then, raising my lids slowly and looking out from underneath my lashes, i captured him with my eyes"
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