What caused the bubonic plague and were the people warned about it through someone,a ghost or dreams to leave the country?
What if the fire from london came from the sky and the city was burned like sodom and gomorrah ?
Were there scandals during the late roaring 20s and people warned of disaster happening and the people probably ignored it ?
You can say the same of the burning of the white house of 1812 ?
Then have anyone of you noticed when the civil rights movement happen,they happen around almost a hundred years apart, the civil in the 1860s and the civil rights movement with dr king and malcolm in the 1960s,both presidents kennedy and lincoln were assinated ?
We heard about the titanic when people were warned of their deaths before it happened ?
You can say the same of louisana of hurricane catrina ?
How the internet was even made because no human is that intelligent enough to come up with that idea on their own ?
Could it be possible that the civil rights part 3 is going to happen in the 2050s to 2070s.
Then remember when the people of the great depression died off,some history were probably erased?