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    Default What direction do you see the USA going in, and where would you like it to go?

    I ask this of everyone on the board. Where do you think the country is headed to in the coming years? Where would you like it to go? What do you envision for the future of your own home, the USA (for those who live here)?

    I apologize for for not immediately typing my own opinion in my own words right now, but I'll do so later. I'm suffering from political fatigue and am getting kinda lazy :P . But I heard a segment of the Glenn Beck radio show that accurately addresses what concerns me about the path we may be on, about what this election means for the country. So I'm going to let the audio talk until I feel like sitting down and writing my own piece later. I really hope most of you will be able to listen to the full 40 minutes or so that comprises the first hour of the show.

    Glenn Beck

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    Where? Somewhere better.

    Where would I like it to go? Towards a nation that exterminates stupidity wherever it finds it and confines religion to people's private lives, and one that makes sure that there is competition at the k-12 level. If we have the best universities in the world, we need to apply the same treatment to our elementary schools.
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    I see the United States as becoming increasingly bureaucratic. It seems that more and more laws are being passed to supposedly improve our lives, but tend to hamper the freedoms that make life worth living. People put blind faith in the government or some other institution, but the biggest problem is in the people. We have become more apathetic, weaker in character, and lacking in personal responsibility. People don't seem to have the self-discipline these days to control themselves, be it excessive debt or excessive eating. Of course, part of this is due to the feeling that life is hopeless or meaningless that so many people seem to have, and which is perpetuated by the media. No changes in fiscal or government policy can fully counteract this cultural morass.
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    I also feel our country is taking a turn for the worse, but through it's people moreso than the government.

    Where would I like it to go though.. I'd like to see the principle of self-reliance become a key feature in people's lives. I'd like to see our citizens feel the need to do citizen-like duties, and for everyone to start bringing to the table. I'd also like welfare to be as hard to get as a building permit.
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    I just saw Palin on tv.

    She said "Native American" and not "Indian". Thats about all I need to like her. haha

    She's so cool. Im glad she is rebelling against McCain. She needs to speak her own mind, and stop being a McCain dog. Im so glad she said she is against those robo calls. She has a bright future ahead of her once McCain loses.


    I think worse case scenario, America becomes a third world country, and a sex tourism destination for richer countries. And then you have to act all meek and quiet when the people from the richer country speak. Because they run the world, and not America. Remember, Russia has nuclear weapons, but is still a highly popular sex tourism destination. Its definitely not impossible the US can turn out that same way. And guys just have to swallow their pride while women have to sell their bodies to rich foreign men... because we have no real exports other than corn and wheat...

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    I feel that everything this country started out as is under attack. I feel that this country was founded on principles and ideals that no other nation in history could hold a candle to, with a vast potential that would manifest and radiate across the globe. What the founding fathers did to create this country and its constitution was to erect a pillar of hope in the world for the progress and evolution of a truly free people in a truly free country where our greatest desires can be realized. But just as that great potential exists as the ability for us to create the world we want to live in, I know that the society we contribute to will be exactly of our choosing, for good or for worse.

    For example, I know there must be some of you out there who work and play
    video games in your spare time. Have you ever had one of those times where
    you really want to get into a video game and play it so that you can enjoy
    yourself and feel good playing it, but had little time to do so? Such that when you sat down to play the game, you got as much done as you could with the limited playtime you had, but it just wasn't as good. This being because you were rushed and you couldn't simply sit back and enjoy the experience without worrying about how much time you had left. As such, the act of playing it in a situation where you have no time to just sit back and enjoy it nearly defies the purpose of playing it in the first place, which is to enjoy yourself! It's more like going through the motions of playing it, but without the same satisfaction.

    For a further example, say we have an average American farmer and a a rich
    business man. Now, each person throughly enjoys their job, and wouldn't
    really consider switching careers. Yet, common perception is that the rich
    business man would be happier because he has more money and a successful
    business, and so must be better off in the world. Whereas most people would
    say the farmer is not as blessed because he doesn't have all that the business
    man has. What is real, however, is that each has happiness according to how they choose to react to their own lives, and nothing more. Both of them desire and appreciate what is in their lives, and that is what brings them happiness, even if one is rich and the other isn't. It could even be said that making the farmer rich as well and giving him his own business life in the city would just make him unhappy if it is not WHAT HE WANTS. This sort of thing also applies to some homeless who don't want a house and lots of money, or a well paying job. The truth is they are happy and more importantly
    SATISFIED with the condition that exists in their lives. And thus, that is
    exactly what they will have, more homelessness.

    So how are these examples related to each other? It goes back to my first
    point, which is America is a country where its people can manifest whatever it
    is they desire the world (within our own borders) to be, and that is exactly
    what we'll get. Just as you can play a game and not receive any joy from
    playing it, so too would having this nation go any other direction but what the
    people have directly and indirectly manifested through their own
    actions/inactions and attitudes be equally devoid of purpose. Why do
    something or go somewhere if you do not want it and would therefore receive
    nothing you consider good from it? Like the business man, the farmer, and the homeless person, America will go in the direction that reflects the nature of the people who comprise the nation.
    Whatever the cells (people) of this great body (the country) want for
    themselves and however they choose to approach their own lives directly
    reflects upon this country as a whole. No matter what ANY politician, facet
    of government, or even secret society power elite bozo wants for the whole of this country, that direction will ONLY be sustained if it is in the hearts and
    minds of all the people in this body to go there with them. This isn't a 3rd
    world or second tier country where the freedoms of the people within are
    restrained by the people in power. This isn't a country that was born to take
    away the voices of its people, and to obstruct their ability to choose who they want to represent them in the government. This isn't a country where we elect people to have power over us or to lead us, WE ELECT THEM TO SERVE US!

    But how can the people ever be the master if we constantly move down the
    path of no responsibility to our communities and our country. Where we don't
    even know what it is the people we elect are doing to spite us, the people who gave them power in the first place. How can we be the masters when we've grown so lazy and complacent as to let as much of the freedoms we started out with slip away from us. So many issues abound in our own small communities and in the lives we lead as individuals. Then do we not realize
    the damage that's been done in our stead until it's too late? If so, then it is only what we deserved. While we were gone out to lunch, busy with our own
    affairs and at times petty endeavors in life, we've let so much go to waste. There are just so many people among us who take sooooooo much of what this country gives them for granted. And while they fail to appreciate what they have, what is it they see? The depredation of it through and through.

    And while the great portion of our people have lost touch with the
    housekeeping, there are a great many others who have been tending to the
    house, changing it as they see fit. They are the people, both citizens and
    government, who drive this country forward as far in their desired direction as
    possible. Wherever we go, be it socialism or what have you, it is ONLY
    because there are those of us who do not exercise our power to go any other
    direction, and the ones who do have such a will are the ones stepping on the
    gas peddle and handling the steering wheel.

    I think where we are going now is to a great turning point for this nation,
    where the true majority of us are forced to stop sitting in the back seat of the car with our heads in our laps, look out the window to realize where we are, and take back the damn driver's seat. But we wont be moved to take that power until we do see and experience a great amount of trouble. Where we are headed into are times when the integrity of this country will see an all time low, we are going to suffer economically, we're going to see more of our
    constitutional rights eroded away like NEVER before, and any host of
    international crisis that could befall us. That is the road we've been led down, but I don't think we'll be driving on that road forever. I believe America is going to have a very bad fall, but darn it this country is still a great vastness of potential for the progress of humankind as a whole through the rights and freedoms we were originally given. We will see that potential really shine when the worst is over and we've picked ourselves up as a nation to exercise our abilities as individuals to be far more than what we were yesteryear.

    Like no other country before us, America is a nation of its people that will
    always be a reflection of the will of its people. When we all finally wake up
    and work together to do our part in this home of ours, then we will manifest
    true "CHANGE".

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    Look, it's not about responsibilities to the community. That's bullshit. Always has been, always will be. It's about taking responsibility and accountability for your current state of existence and being aware of the options you can take to improve yourself. The purpose of the government isn't to be a babysitter, but to make sure everyone becomes responsible for their own actions.

    As for where I think this country should go:

    IMO America's agenda going into the next years should be:

    1) Remove our physical presence from outside our borders, except for bases near our true allies (Israel, Japan, Britain). Then we test our most powerful nuclear weapon to send radiation radars through the roof. Currency not backed by trust in the system is worthless. So too is diplomacy without force. Put the fear of getting a nation detonated in a day into the heart of a dictator, and he'll listen to an eloquent president.

    2) Education. Now. Remove art, music, and poetry from schools. Those can be done on people's own time. Instead, force massive amounts of science, (chemistry, physics, and computer science), math, and history (with special emphasis on wars and financial history). Foreign languages should no longer be mandatory. Replace with more math and science. Remove most literature from the agenda. Instead, teach critical reading skills and grammar only. Shakespeare can be read on people's own time. Replace the new time with more math and science.

    3) In order to make this all work, destroy the teachers' unions and make our k-12 teaching positions as competitive as those found in the financial services industry, and raise compensation to boot. Our colleges are the best in the world because of the competitiveness on both sides of the textbook. Time to do the same with k-12. Our k-12 teachers are the most important people in terms of raising our children. They better be damn good.

    4) Make sure the culture in our k-12 schools gets a complete overhaul. A nerd is not someone with freckles, suspenders, a bad fashion sense, and a weak body such that you can bully him or her into doing your homework. A nerd is someone that is going to be raking in six figure salaries, and if you're not a nerd, you're going to be a nobody. Or so we should have kids believe.

    5) Introductory economics and finance better be taught in the early years of high school, and better be mandatory courses. The amount of people that don't know these two fundamental subjects is staggering.

    6) Random standardized national testing. No set dates for benchmark national standardized exams. Just randomly, over the course of the year, throw one, to make sure that teachers and parents are doing their jobs raising the next generation of thinkers. Standardized exams will include American history, both general and financial, mathematics, chemistry, physics, geometry, algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, computer coding, grammar, critical reading/writing, economics, and finance. How much of each will be dependent upon grade level. By senior year of high school, all of this will be mandatory material.

    7) Final separation of church and state. "One nation, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." God is an outdated concept, and anyone that chooses to believe in him can do so on their own time. We don't need it indoctrinated into us every time we stand for the pledge to our country.

    8) Expose this belief of diversity/ethnicity difference for what it really is--reverse discrimination. I don't give a damn if you're Indian or Chinese or Japanese or Russian or American or Native American or African American. The color of your skin or the country of your birth shouldn't make a damn difference. Now your accent and command of the English language is a much different story.

    9) Remove the sanctity of religion. It should not be illegal to discriminate upon it, or to ask about it. The religion you believe in and why you believe in it is a conscious choice you make, and is no different than any other value you hold. Anyone should have any right to ask you about it and why you hold the values you do. Just because there's an invisible man or a whole set of them involved makes no difference.

    10) Tax obesity. Use said tax money to subsidize gym memberships. Tax negative externality, subsidize positive.

    11) Tax dirty energy. Tax subsidize clean energy. Lower corporate taxes for firms operating within America. Levy massive taxes on any firms that outsource jobs or import non-citizens. It'll cause some pain in the very short run, and should, if my economics are correct, produce much better results in the longer terms.
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    I think we will be under martial law within the next ten years. Sooner rather than later.
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