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    Default And now, the good news?

    Do you ever get the feeling that nothing in the way of good news is ever reported?

    I do not mean a positive spin on the same stories, for instance I do not consider the "Fight It Better" coverage of Vietnam war to have been "negative" or "critical" or "anti-war", nor do I consider the crime reporting that's accompanied by a brief statement to the effect that "this is still rare", "people are not attacked by strangers" etc. to be positive.

    I also dont like the whole tendency to report all the news of the day and then follow it up with a story about puppies, sugar free snack lines and "local colour" to do it either.

    One time I tuned into a TV show in the UK which purported to be reporting "good news", it was a news satire by a stand up comedian, it included some positive stories in a flash reel at the finish, the rest of it was about lampooning or making fun of conventional reporting. That was rubbish.

    Does anyone else want to hear stories about innovations in business, medicine, fitness, fun stuff instead of what we're constantly served up? Like I can understand how and why the press need to sound the alarm about a lot of things, I'm not sure they are really doing that anymore and despite what I think could be an attempt to engineer a more critical press through this Trump stunt business, I dont see that happening either.

    Its a steady low hum moan and groan, a lot of the time it seems to me its going to achieve little else other than depress already pretty depressive people. What're your thoughts?

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    This is why I like Twitter. Yes it's a cesspool but not more than You Tube or fucking Facebook for that matter. However, if you follow the right people, you will find fantastic stories and content.
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    I want to hear stories of facts and decide whether or not they are good in various contexts like a big boy all by myself.
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    This is actually why I have the MSN News app on my phone, because it has a dedicated section called "Good News" which are a collection of good news stories from all over the country.

    But to answer your question, outside of local news stations, this isn't new. News that's shocking or horrifying always generates more views.

    *Edit after the add* Desktop version has it too
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    There is plenty of good news around but most of them just aren't impactful as the bad ones.

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