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    Groupie causes "isms". Its nothing more then a single sided view using pointed data against the group to back it up as if that little bit causes proof you are right.

    Its a huge issue and the key to solve it is to open peoples eyes to actual statistical anaylsis as well as opposites.

    Groupie will minimize the negative and raise up the positive in the group irrationally and vice-versa.
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    While there was some obvious race biases in the elections I do not think the election was entirely about race but a lot more complicated than that. IMO opinion the main factors in which Trump won was due to the Democrats failure to swing voters as calling your opponents voting base "depolorables" isn't gonna get you any favours. Romney made a similar mistake with the 47% business. If you want to win an election never insult any possible voting blocks but try to swing them to your side. Trump did this as well though with his campaign against Mexicans so I guess Clinton offended more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erg View Post
    I'm racist in the sense that I think I belong to a race that is inherently superior to all others. The only member of this "race" is myself .
    That's not racism, that's narcissism. And well may you blush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SearchingforPeace View Post
    Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn’t one of them. - Vox

    Vox on why calling someone racist may be the worst way to change anything.

    A ton more at there, talking about many ideas about how to change attitudes and deal with issues.
    A great article. Appreciated you linking it. Makes a lot of sense. If people are reluctant to talk about racism in connection with themselves, even anonymously...calling them one directly is not going to be very effective.

    This thread has shown me the title itself means different things to different people = better to talk about ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    If everyone is a racist, then no-one is a racist.

    In fact racism comes in degrees, some nations are highly racist and are devoted to racial purity, while others are devoted to multiculturalism, and take in a generous quota of refugees every year.

    And some nations have a 300 year history of institutional slavey, while other nations have no history of slavery.

    We tend to be very influenced by the nation we live in. So it may be possible to say we are all racists by degrees: some to a high degree, and some imperceptibly.
    I don't agree with the first sentence, but do wholeheartedly with the last! I think I understand the sentiment of the first but find it a bit simplistic in approach? I value the observation at the end!

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