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I agree with you about the Roosevelts, but I would take Bush Sr. over Reagan, though Reagan over Trump, to be sure. Reagan is the most overrated president of the 20th century. The cold war ended because the USSR was bankrupt by the arms race, a race we ran steadily from the end of WWII. It just all happened to come down on Reagan's watch. He gave us the Iran Contra scandal, and worked to turn identifiable groups against each other much as Trump does, though in a more charming and sophisticated way. He was a hypocrite, increasing the size of government and raising taxes while promising to do the opposite. In short, he was America's Evita; an accomplished cheerleader-in-chief, but little more:

"instead of government we had a stage
instead of ideas, a prima donna's rage
instead of help we were given a crowd
she didn't say much but she said it loud"
OK fair points.

However, the point of bringing up Reagan is to contrast how ridiculous the Republican party has become in terms of calling others socialists, in a McCarthy-esque, derogatory sense. Reagan was actually more similar to Bernie on taxing the wealthy and some social programs than Bush Jr, or Trump. Under Reaganomics, which I whole heartedly agree was a huge mistake and the prime reason I deride neo-cons, while respecting a lot of paleo-cons, the fact of the matter is that the current Republican party did Reaganomics to a more absurd extreme than Reagan (though we have had multiple examples from the past couple of decades that Reaganomics don't work, Reagan wasn't an economist, he was an actor).