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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    So by liberal religion, I guess I mean one that was few central dictates about what is right and wrong or expected, with the individual being left to make up their own mind. Does that help?
    Yup. I mean, that was one possibility, but I wasn't sure if that was the angle you were coming from. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    I wonder what percentage of atheists do use Dawkins and Singer as models of inspiration. I certainly do not. I have leanings in the direction of Buddhism as a philosophy which currently has more influence than the two highly vocal atheists you mention. Not all atheists are vocal, and there are plenty who people don't even realize are atheists. I'm not certain of your premise that social darwinism required Darwin as a precursor because Darwin is often misunderstood.
    Social Darwinism is actually a concept created by the sociologist Herbert Spencer. He did not call it that, however. A third party commentator called it that and both Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin had, for their own reasons, rejected that term.

    I too grant little credit to Dawkins ot Singer for inspiring my ideas. I was raised an agnostic atheist in a rather open-ended and intellectual household, and learned about Richard Dawkins somewhere in my mid to late teens, and Singer a little bit later. Dawkins is right about a number of things but philosophically he didn't give me anything I didn't have. I also have some issues with his ideas on memes, and I think he is a little too dismissive of a person (like in regards to the possibility of group selection). Singer runs into some major moral roadblocks with me because he's a negative utilitarian who then tries to work around the inherent problems of such a philosophy with a bunch of arbitrations that strike me as all too deontological.

    That being said, Lark does seem to misunderstand Dawkins a bit. It has been said many times that a selfish gene does not amount to a selfish organism per se. Dawkins made an entire documentary titled Nice Guys Finish First about this very point.

    There's been a media blitz lately for certain atheist figures, but the exposure is really all they bring. There aren't any spiritual leaders for agnostics and atheists at large. I almost feel like those religious people who believe there are simply box atheism and agnosticism into their own way of doing things.
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