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    8 11.76%
  • Major holidays only

    4 5.88%
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    Senior Member lowtech redneck's Avatar
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    Aug 2007


    Every once in a (long) while I'll go to church for family reasons (mostly to spend more time with my nieces and nephews), otherwise I never go.

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    señor member colmena's Avatar
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    In the film Bes Vakit, the community were called to prayer (via song) about four times a day.

    The action of touching your head to the floor and having time for introspection and mindfulness, repeatedly, and over the long term, I would have thought would have a substantially positive effect.

    I don't think I'll ever outright believe in a deity, but I can't say I'm not envious at times. It even makes sense to me. How else would you get people to do such a thing?
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    Give them money? Love?

    I go to my (Buddhist) temple about once a year. Their gardens are nice. It's a good environment. The leaves and the plants and the calmness of the people, and the hypnotic chants. Where one can feel one with the peace and contemplate without much real-life static-interference.* The food is also heavenly.

    *No environment is more oppressing when forced into, though.

    I've been to lots of churches (their buildings are often used for events), but never a church serivce. And part of a synagogue service held in a place that was literally a school auditorium on weekdays:

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey
    What I can't understand is how people actually bring themselves to go to those churches that hold services in a room that resembles a children's classroom (or worse, some sort of basement). And if I can fully understand the "preacher", then all charm is lost for me. At least with the Catholic priests you get this otherworldly/surreal feel, like they're not for real, like it's some sort of performance.
    They're not tourists! The words mean something to them. It *is* real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    They're not tourists! The words mean something to them. It *is* real. kidding. The point of my post was to illustrate that they don't mean anything to *me*, and that I prefer it when it seems less real. So when I have to hear a sermon that I can understand (meaning that it's in English and is being performed by someone who regularly speaks English), and there is only talking and no pretty rituals or architecture or hymns being sung by a choir, then I have to GTFO.
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    Eileen, can I put my name in your signature? Because pretty much everything you've said I could've said as well. (Probably not as eloquently, though.)

    When I go to church, which is not that often for a variety of reasons, I go to drink from a well of hope. I'm agnostic with both atheistic and theistic leanings (in other words, confused) but on my deepest level I simply HOPE that there is something bigger out there/in there.

    I also go to feel connected to a body of people who wish and hope and doubt and believe in all kinds of ratios. I like the differences between us, and I like that I have a community where we're not pressured to stay quiet if we think differently from another community member. There isn't much groupthink there.
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    I'll go with my family if they want me to but on my own, never.

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    I'm not going at the moment because I'm not near a church, but when I go it's to meet up with others who love God.
    It's actually really amazing to see what happens between you and God when you don't go to church (because you can't, not because you're being difficult). You don't have the people and the usual stuff that keeps you into it, it's just you and God and he keeps You together instead of the churchy, crutchy things. I've grown a lot from having to rely on only Him. It'll be good to go again though, when I can.

    It's Mizzz ST, thank you...

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    God is pretty much dead to me without community. Heresy? Maybe, but I don't think so. It's called "the Body of Christ" for a reason.

    "I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    God is pretty much dead to me without community. Heresy? Maybe, but I don't think so. It's called "the Body of Christ" for a reason.
    Don't say that, I am sure you just mean to say that communitty is an important aspect in religion. I am sure you can't say that everything god has provided you has only been in the sense of communitty.

    Just to let you know, I am not attacking you, just wanted to see if I was clarifying what you said. I apologize if it was wrong.

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    Im not sure about christians and others.. but for me in particular, everything is based on the self. I do what I do daily, but when it comes to religious services, major holidays are generally the excuses made to ensure I pay timely respects without seeming as if I am too busy to do this all the time, or blowing it off all year. XD So I guess I'm the only holiday person here.
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