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    Understanding other people's vulnerabilities.

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    "What is your special gift in life?"

    Your question invited a maze of brief hesitation.

    Isn't the word "special" in itself but a way for the false ego to assert self-gratification instead of being grateful for everything good and bad alike?

    If I had to ask my ego, it would answer "My dad can beat your dad".
    I am not going to ask my honest to a fault ego what it finds compelling to drive it through the course of life though.

    The authentic-self encapsulates all what we are as a collective consciousness, good and bad, and it is the true shaper of a healthy self-esteem beyond all forms of sublimation or discrimination. It puts us in a state where there are no feelings of superiority, nor feelings of inferiority. We exist in a state of interiority.
    الخَيلُ وَاللَيلُ وَالبَيداءُ تَعرِفُني *** وَالسَيفُ وَالرُمحُ وَالقِرطاسُ وَالقَلَمُ
    Swift steeds, dreary nights, and the desolate wasteland, all know me full well
    As do the sword, the spear, the paper and the pen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    This is the best way to be.
    Why thank you very much, my dear Lark *curtsies* I pride myself on being a jack of all trades.
    “The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” ~Ernest Hemingway


    Quote Originally Posted by Nijntje View Post
    "And then, raising my lids slowly and looking out from underneath my lashes, i captured him with my eyes"

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    My gift is a combo, an explosive cocktail of mental traits. I am curious, intelligent, quick-witted, adaptable and analyzing everything. The result gives a faculty to learn anything very quickly and I have an amazing general knowledge. I can put myself in the shoes of others, understand their motives, what they love, what they hate.
    People are more twisted than people think. |

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    If I were blind, barring warmth of the rays, I'd still know it was sunny because of reflexive sneezing. And yes, it's a real thing.

    Why does bright light cause some people to sneeze? - Scientific American

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    If the meaning of the question is whether I am inclined to be a specialist, then yes, I am one. I don't believe the orientation is a disadvantage, because all believing that would accomplish would be self-defeating, but that said I strongly don't believe that generalists are at a disadvantage.

    Talent is another thing that probably exists to some degree, but thinking about it has never done me any good, and it's better to consider my choices as if it doesn't exist - my skill on the ground of course exists, but it just doesn't matter where it comes from, and if I start to think that there is a where in the absence of real skill, that just isn't good for anything yet. I can make it so, but right now, it's not.

    If I am good at something, though, I think it is because my attraction to it was great enough to drive me to put significantly more of myself into it than is normally necessary to live. For me to be a specialist means that I feel that attraction to few things. I don't necessarily fall harder than people who are more spread out in their interests, just for fewer.

    Unrelatedly, I have a tendency to take the attraction very personally, which is why one may find the previous paragraphs to have an intentional push toward cold utility - that's right, I am pushing back on my authentic feelings when I talk about it like that. In reality, I get a lot more emotional infatuation and affection wrapped up in my attractions, and I've grown cautious with expressing those. That is because while the existence of those emotions is a truth, just like in a romantic context, those emotions don't have a very strong allegiance to truth - which means not that they're shallow or deceiving by nature, just that facts don't influence their course much, so a check is warranted of whether they've hit or blindly missed the truth. I may express them, but only once I've done that and am confident in what I have seen. My true loves deserve the the dignity, and I do have a couple - a couple of hits.

    All of that may make me sound like the very emotionally calculating kind of feeler, but I'm really really not - my couple of passions are actually among the very few areas in which I don't shoot from the hip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomendei View Post
    My gift is a combo, an explosive cocktail of mental traits. I am curious, intelligent, quick-witted, adaptable and analyzing everything. The result gives a faculty to learn anything very quickly and I have an amazing general knowledge. I can put myself in the shoes of others, understand their motives, what they love, what they hate.
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    I would like to say jack-of-all-trades, but in reality I'm only good at artistic stuff and pretty much suck at everything else. Therefore I wouldn't consider that very well-rounded. Ideally, I would like to be good at many things, but also a master at something. However, when it all comes down to it, I think being a grand master at something is the key to prosperity. Some of us are lucky enough to find that something in life that seemingly comes most natural to us, but then it takes effort and dedication to harness it even further into something worthwhile. Yet that could just be our ticket to something greater.
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    I am not sure I have a single particular 'gift' that stands out or that sets me apart from others. It's probably a combo of things.

    Growing up I was good at a lot of things, some that I enjoyed, some that I didn't really enjoy, and being good at a lot of things -- able to excel -- didn't really help me figure out what I wanted to do. However I wasn't a 'genius' at any one thing; just able to be above average or 'talented' in many different things. Academics and music, even ballet for a while, is what took up my childhood and teen years; add also into that birdwatching.

    As a middle-aged adult I guess compared to all of my peers, what probably stands out in my personality is my sense of beauty / noting beauty around me/seeing things (particularly living things) that other people don't even notice, and making that a priority (in a sense of creating an ambiance), and also my link to the natural world and awareness of it / general knowledge (and some specialization in knowledge).
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

    My Photography and Watercolor Fine Art Prints!!! Cascade Colors Fine Art Prints
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