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    Question What is really going on here?

    This post will probably be shocking to some people on this forum.
    I say shocking because the video I am posting is a direct assault on many things in which people believe.

    Style of intro is religion suck but behind that is very deep story.

    I would value that people do not post in this thread before watching all 3 parts of the video that lasts about 30 minutes.At least until the debate get serious.(in the case that it does)
    I think that the video is anything but boring.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

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    it is definitely interesting and though some parts are down right shocking, i do want to point out that there are many parts where the evidence is very brief, but the audience is still inclined to believe it because of the momentum of the previous evidence.

    this is definitely a good documentary against christianity. i don't want to cross out religion or theism altogether though as even if these mainstream religions are a product of recycling and an urge for authority, simple things such as the existence of god itself, without all the other baggage can still be true.

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    This is Peter Joseph's "Zeitgeist: The Movie". There is also "Zeitgeist: Addendum" (available on Google Video: Zeitgeist: Addendum), which came out this year and focuses more on the financial aspects of his message. That part I can give nods to more, at least as far as addressing the money and political problems. Otherwise, I do not trust our ability to institute the solutions; especially in a godless context.

    Overall, the message is a utopian vision of man overcoming his problems once the impediments to progress, such as the current "scarcity"-based monetary system, and religion (which, truthfully, has often served to justify the status quo) are eliminated. The movement is called "The Venus Project", and led by this eccentric looking old man Jacque Fresco.
    This is similar to the whole "Why Wont God Heal Amputees" attack, which is by Marshall Brain of howstuffworks, and who advocated "transhumanism" which may one day allow us to live forever or at least much longer, and is also impeded by religion (such as cloning and stem cell research).

    The part in the religion section about the different "ages" was fascinating, though the scholars are right that the reason Moses was angry was not simply because the idol was the symbol of the wrong age as Joseph suggests. (They still sacrificed bulls afterward, and rams were also offered before Moses).
    Also, the use of fish in the NT was still not that prominent for it to be the representative of this entire "age", and the fish symbol was really not from the NT at all, but came in the second century (yes, probably from pagan borrowing).
    And there is no reason for Luke 22:10 (where the man carrying a pitcher of water is supposed to foreshadow the next age) to not be taken literally for that immediate context. (This "next age" would be two millennia away).

    Still, if this current "fish" age is to end in 2150, what will happen in the world according to this interpretation? Is that when religion as we know it will change into something else? Or when Joseph's (or Brain's) utopian visions will come true? What will a man pouring water mean? (This is but one of several versions of the time division ranging from the new age beginning hundreds of years ago to it beginning hundreds of years from now).

    As for type, I would say these guys are INTP. Seems like Ti-Ne and projective Fe (concern for world unity instead of the "selfishness" of the monetary system). Or I guess the old guy, whose vision this is, is probably NF, with the idealistic vision. So most likely ENFJ, with the Fe backed up by Ni, and Ti in there as well. Joseph (and Brain) seem like INTP.
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