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    The hallmark of creativity is flow where time stands still and where we do things for their own sake.

    Whereas intelligence is tied to time and doing things for instrumental reasons.

    So creativity is beautiful and intelligence is ugly.

    Unfortunately they are married - beauty is married to the beast.

    Beauty tries to get away from the beast as often as possible, but the beast pulls her back. The beast pulls her back with hunger and sleep and what people think. The beast wants her to go to the bank!

    And the bank is the epitome of instrumental conformity and tempts us with money.

    The beast holds beauty with silken threads. And beauty must wait until the beast is asleep before untangling the threads and going out to play.

    But all the time she knows the beast will wake and want to eat and drink, think and plan, dress and impress.

    And she is thinking of ways to put him to sleep - by singing to him, by feeding him dope, by seducing him with warm sheets.

    And when he is asleep, she can do what she likes which is what she most likes to do.
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    High Intelligence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    I consider high creativity to be high intelligence. But that's just my own definition of intelligence. For me, intelligence isn't about being logical, it's about coming up with ideas. In the case of creativity, I define it as the ability to envision and act on inspirations. I prefer the freedom that imagination brings as opposed to the constraints of logic.

    I voted for Low Intelligence - High Creativity because I am more swayed by a creative idea than logical possibility (logic also has a way of changing). I believe that the most random, frivolous, and pointless inspirations at any given time could end up being useful in the future in one form or another.

    Personally, it feels more rewarding to come up with a random idea than it does to uncover a truth through analysis.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    I can't choose!
    I'm intelligent (in patches - there are areas where I'm very intelligent and they are areas where I lack the most basic notion)
    I'm creative, too.

    And I'm totally convinced the two are linked (at least for me). If you take away my creativity, I probably would not be intelligent either. To understand things I always devise stories, create thought experiments,... Without creating 16 characters and letting them live some adventures, I would never understand MBTI. The same holds for physics. (Hello Mrs Kinetic Energy, nice to meet you. What are you doing now? Oh, you're going to borrow some joules from your neighbour Potential Energy.)

    If you take away my intelligence, I would not be creative. I need some understanding of things before I can create new concepts. My new fantasy novel only took flight after I modelled the magic with the same laws as gravity.

    So, pretty please, can I have both of them?

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    Isn't creativity a type of intelligence?

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    Through intelligence, one might become creative.

    Through creativity, one might become intelligent.

    I chose the latter.

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    Intelligence, creativity has no foundation as it differs from person to person therefore has no benchmark to indicate its exact definition. However, many work that are considered innovative or creative are usually attributed to people with very high intelligence. The reason is creativity is the act of recognizing patterns and using those patterns to create useful or artistic thing. Furthermore, pattern recognition is one aspect of intelligence and use to indicate IQ. So in reality, there defination are one and the same. Maybe it would be more appropriate to use knowledgeable or intelligent.
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    Yes this I thought was true to form that creativity as intelligence is intelligence as creativity.

    There has been debate in the psychological literature about whether intelligence and creativity are part of the same process (the conjoint hypothesis) or represent distinct mental processes (the disjoint hypothesis). Evidence from attempts to look at correlations between intelligence and creativity from the 1950s onwards, by authors such as Barron, Guilford or Wallach and Kogan, regularly suggested that correlations between these concepts were low enough to justify treating them as distinct concepts.

    Some researchers believe that creativity is the outcome of the same cognitive processes as intelligence, and is only judged as creativity in terms of its consequences, i.e. when the outcome of cognitive processes happens to produce something novel, a view which Perkins has termed the "nothing special" hypothesis.

    A very popular model is what has come to be known as "the threshold hypothesis", proposed by Ellis Paul Torrance, which holds that a high degree of intelligence appears to be a necessary but not sufficient condition for high creativity. This means that, in a general sample, there will be a positive correlation between creativity and intelligence, but this correlation will not be found if only a sample of the most highly intelligent people are assessed. Research into the threshold hypothesis, however, has produced mixed results ranging from enthusiastic support to refutation and rejection.

    An alternative perspective, Renzulli's three-rings hypothesis, sees giftedness as based on both intelligence and creativity.
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    i dont want to lose neither, so not picking one
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    I think that there are many kinds of intelligences. Apparently creativity and intelligence are correlated.

    So in general I would say intelligence is not virtuous without creativity. For example, without creativity you cannot triumph and make something out of the intelligence. Yet creativity can manage without intelligence so I would go for 'Low intelligence - High creativity'.

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