After reading some D&D stuff about characters "projecting an aura" of different types, the one I was interested in was "freedom", I appreciate in that example its a "magical" thing, or mystical trait or attribute, influencing the math of different dice rolls for the company but I have heard in popular parlance about people who "project an aura of confidence" or, even more vaguely, "positivity" or "negativity", what do you think is meant by this? How does one do it or refrain from doing it?

On the one hand I have experienced, I think, on occasions when through a combination of body language, ie smiling, attention, active listening non-verbals, and explanatory styles, ie unconscious patterns of personal explanation of events involving the self, the self and others, others quite apart from the self, you know when people add to an occasion and in ireland they say people are "good craic" or "enjoy the craic", they are good at socialising.

Wilde talked about these sorts of people as "artists of life" in The Picture of Dorian Grey and elsewhere (although there's plenty of good sources on when a party boy or party girl jumps the shark or reaches the tipping point, in House MD there were two characters who talked about this saying "a party girl is only fun until the throw up on your shoes", one character callously saying this and then finding themselves in a broadly similar state themselves, there's even just the popular parlance that someone is a "piss artist", ie drunkard or loser).

However, on the other hand, I think that this could be a kind of socially determined or constructed idea, these are potentially very toxic, since they between two people or more they are conjured up and then released and take on a life of their own, then they can become politik, determining individuals inclusion or exclusion and also being useful diversions or distractions from other matters or individuals, a vagary which is never quantifiable or qualifiable.

What are your thoughts?