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    Affirmative to the empath question.

    INFP here, so Fi is dominant while Ne is secondary (and in my case, the functions are just about equal). I never could put aside my personal views on something to appease others or get ahead in life. I can't water myself down to please people, either. You like me or you don't. I'm a good listener; always have been. I see others' potential, and I notice patterns in the way others behave and can usually see beyond superficialities into the true "essence" of an individual within a few minutes of conversation. This means that I'm naturally skeptical of someone who appears nice on the surface, or when I'm first getting to know them. Sometimes, the person really does turn out to be the real deal. Many times, they actually suck. I can be a bitch sometimes. It's just because I have a very low tolerance for others' BS. I crave authenticity, and I don't appreciate it when others form opinions or make decisions without doing their research. I read an article somewhere which suggested that because of our Ne, we INFPs are often in a constant state of openness or indecision. It is true that it is hard for me to make choices and stick to them. I am always second-guessing myself, and often don't like to think about the past, as I'm always asking "what if..." Ex: "What if I'd studied [insert marketable major] instead of the arts?" "What if I'd applied to [insert out-of-state college] instead?", et cetera. I live in the future; I make 5-year plans and every six months, tweak those plans as my circumstances change or remain exactly the same. Sometimes your plans fail, and you can't get too precious about it. I've gotten a lot better about "going with the flow" and being gentle with myself when something doesn't work out.
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    I'm an ENFP, and I honestly wouldn't call myself an empath. I'm an empathetic person, and I'm good at connecting with the emotions of others, but it's not as visceral an experience as being an empathetic seems to be.

    I suppose you could argue that I have empath tendencies. For instance, every once in awhile I'll encounter someone and it's like I can feel an emotion radiating off of them. It's usually stress that I pick up on for whatever reason.

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    Being an empath has nothing to do with types, however if we change the question to "Which type is most similar to an empath" my answer would be INFJ. I think 9s and 2s are pretty similar too, depending on wings, health and MBTI type.
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    I have empathy. I am an INFP. I believe the 'feeler' component of my typology helps me to connect. It helps me to see the world through another person's eyes. That is to say enter their phenomenological-inner universe. I do not know that empathy is a hereditary component or if it could be learned by some through modeling. I would like to query if any 'thinker' has the component of empathy. If 'thinkers' for whatever reason can not employ empathy then it is conducive that they, and everyone else for that matter learn the true art of communication along with practiced listening skills.

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    I don't consider myself an empath, but I think it's an interesting topic. I've known a couple people in my life who I would consider highly sensitive and highly empathetic, and while I've sometimes heard them talk negatively about it in the sense that it's very draining, I've always though it was a really cool gift to have. How would you describe the different between a highly sensitive person and an empath? Do these traits usually overlap, or can you be one or the other?

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