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Some time ago I read Irving Yalom's book, Staring At The Sun, which dealt with the whole idea of "death anxiety", which apparently is a psychological and emotional trouble on the rise, particularly among more affluent sections of US society in middle age, and one of the ways of countering this apparently is to reframe it as "death awareness", therefore you do things like objective calculations of likely time scales until your demise, plan and progress life goals to do with career, family, friendships/relationships, community involvement etc.
Oh god, kill me now. Can't imagine a better way to ruin life then by turning it into a checklist of things your supposed to achieve before death. And you can't take your achievements through death.
Maybe that's comforting for certain types of people, but this is a so much healthier view for me - The world is your sandbox - The Junction - Medium

As far as the workplace goes, we talk about ‘career progression’ — starting at the bottom (on the shop floor?) and working your way up, while your salary increases satisfyingly in tandem. You may move companies in order to win a higher position, or be promoted within your own company. In both cases you are moving onto a higher level within the ‘game’.
We also play life by the rules, by and large, because we have been taught since childhood that this is the correct way to behave. We vote, we pay taxes, we obey the laws of our land (most of the time).
What happens when we play by the rules set down for us, and the game doesn’t unfold as we expect? What if we study hard but don’t win that university place? What if we take on extra responsibility at work but never get that promotion and make it up to the next level? What if the political or economic climate means we can’t actually get that high-paying job we thought we wanted, and so we can’t buy the house, or collect the bonus rewards of foreign holidays and flash cars, or generally live life feeling like a winner?
Sometimes this results in disaffected, alienated people who feel that they’ve been sold a false dream. Because in the game of life, we can’t all be ‘winners’. We may get unrest and crime as a result of this unhappiness and frustration. But that’s a whole other rabbit hole I may fall down in a future post…