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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    I'm mostly concerned about the lack of single, bearded men in my general vicinity.
    You merely have to invite Christ, and you will have Him.
    χρήστος ανέστη

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    Visionaries, inventors and humanitarians

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isk Stark View Post
    You merely have to invite Christ, and you will have Him.
    Christ will erupt in flames the moment he touches me.

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    We don't need more people, but less people. If we can't have less people, then space colonies.

    I realize this doesn't address the OP, but I feel the question is a bit moot (no offense lightsun) due to the fact the planet is running out of resources, so it doesn't matter how many visionaries, humanitarians, good people, saints, or whatever well intented quality it is, if we run out of resources, we run out of resources period. Good intentions can't get us out of that.

    Space colonization is a prospect that gets us out of this situaton, yes consuming less is noble but frankly we will run out of resources before everyone on earth suddenly decides to live a minimalistic lifetsyle.

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