Charles Xavier and Magneto fight for mutant rights, but go in different ways right.
Charles Xavier believes in his vision that humans and mutants can live in harmony, but it wil take years and years to come. He is more objective and civil about his approach The main problem is the fact that he is dealing with people that wants to kill him and his reasoning skills are not enough for regular humans, he fail to realize or he did not think to himself that humans are not ready to accept mutants, he earned the trust of humans that accept mutants.the question is not understanding, the question is are they ready to go the next level. Xavier talks a lot of game, but he did not took serious action

Magneto in the shortterm is right that mutants and humans cannot live in peace for the time being. His approach is more aggressive and more what needs to be done approach. Is magneto right for what he did, yes, he is really fighting for his people and he is also right that people cannot be swayed with reason and some are going to be prejudice. he is not just talking shit,he is backing what he said up. is magneto a villains? no, he is a Byronic hero, meaning cynical,morally grey,sexually dominant and messiah complex. however the main problem with the aggressive approach is that it gives mutants a bad name and he just need time to heal before he even think about fighting for mutant rights.