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Wait you like the idea of a plan that you're not going to stick to?

I'm probably being picky but I'm unfamiliar with being happy with a plan. That's a very J type of calm to my mind.
I like having a plan that i can go to...almost like a road. I can go anywhere i want really, but if im lost i can always go back to the road. But to me its more of a guide really. Plans WILL be broken when we talk about regular day plans. Even though i am an ISFJ my life isnt ruled by plans. I can be quite random in what im going to do. I suppose it just depends on the day ;]

If I read you right then one of your basic tenants is that there must be more to life than what is presented, yes? A nagging feeling that if you believe all that you see as you see it then you're missing something?

If so then upon that we can agree. I guess then the main difference would be almost purely J vs P. I'm happy to leave it undefined and compensate as it arrives. I have little need and draw little comfort from trying to lay down rules. Now I say rules but what I should say is "such strongly defined parameters" because I've realised after having spent so much time around Js (my family is stacked with the little blighters) that no type no matter how certain they seem have rules. J's just simply extrovert their strong definitions...
lol, i have quite a bit of family memebers who are very P, particularily my dads whole family. I understand what your saying. And your right, we J's have a better sence of calm when we have a plan to lean on. but for myself thats it. i wont die if there's no plan. probably because i've learned to live life differently thanks to all the E's, N's, and P's in my life. [/quote]

So yeah, agree. With one or two minor, tiny disagreements... (That's minor and tiny to an agnostic... you know like whether God exists... mere flippancies )
I'm glad to see that our views arent TOO different. How interesting that something like 'type' could change a persons oppinion or view on life. :]