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    Default Do you walk your talk?

    I'd be extremely interested if people live up to the principles they profess to follow. For example "Feed the poor." Do those who don't wish to pay a mere 3% extra in taxes follow this doctrine? "Do not judge." But do we not judge when on late TV people make fun of people's foibles and life mistakes? What kind of precedent do we set and what kind of example do we set?

    "Who are we to judge mere mortals when judgment is mine alone sayeth the lord."

    When we politically bicker over those we disagree with and condemn the opposing party, who are we? Does it not say that true wisdom comes from within and that if something externally bothers us it is a reflection of an internal problem? Why can't we use 1. simple debate style in political circles 2. stick to objective facts and not 3. succumb to emotional infantile reasoning, labels, judgment and disparagement?

    "A philosophy which I've as choice took as my life journey is and has its roots in: Jesus teaching peace, Buddhism, as well the cognitive theory in a psychology orientation, these are primary; but it happens be my insight as well much knowledge which i have thus assimilated. I am fully aware, philosophy can and possesses some change. Each ladder on a progression to an enlightening state purchase more wisdom; loving nature and on it goes.
    I've always thought with a concept: and fixing a standard that if it were allowed fruition-would have a chance to bring a little peace in our way of life. Obviously this is what I personally aspire to. I don't always get it right. Also I am or can be a realist. I will defend myself, but I will use the least amount of energy/force/act necessary. A PATH / A KEY / A WAY are, is, is to follow the golden rule by:

    Do not think negative thoughts, but deal with the situation rationally.

    Do not speak with negative energy. It is a reflection of you & not the other.

    Do not act negatively, but react realistically with the proper restraint even if negative energy is directed at you. Now we influence each other with positive or negative energy.

    In this universe for every action there is an equal reaction. So the natural tendency is to repay negative energy with more negative energy. This feels very good and we feel self- righteous about it. After all the other is in the wrong and not us. In our mind the other is blind and does evil, immoral, wrong words or actions. But the key is that it is irrelevant to one's path. The key is that being negative in even the slightest is a true reflection of self and not the other. The other's path is their destiny.

    Perhaps they were sent here to test our mettle in the face of crisis or misfortunes, thus there is a chance with growth if we only but bend our own beliefs to embrace a truer reality. Now this next part coming is partly from cognitive behavior principles. A key is that if we have a negative emotion, we are ruled by a distortion. The external even triggered:

    A. What is in us waiting to come to the surface in a testing moment.
    B. Triggered or own unfinished childhood issues and emotions
    C. We are reacting in a lesser manner.

    We are reacting against ghosts from the past that this moment has triggered so that we can grow and move on to the path of self-actualization. That is if we choose the higher road and We need endeavor to act maturely and with restraint. If I hurt you, I hurt myself, perhaps not noticeably, but I missed an opportunity for growth. If we do not sink to the others level. Perhaps it will take longer for them on the path of life to mature, reflect, and with insight grow. If we think, speak, or act in a negative manner then the opportunity is lost.

    The message is lost, but it will undoubtedly reappear until you learn the lesson about you. This moment in space and time was brought together for you to learn this valuable lesson of self, in order to grow and actualize. Do not throw this precious moment away by reacting with your baser instincts. Reach, grow, become. Reach for this inner learning. Grow with this wisdom and become what you were meant to be. I do believe in what’s of the nature (1) Transparency, (2) Free Will (That is no one person should try and impose their view to your being. (3) Independence in our walking path or way and each person has a different path.”

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    Skinny people are easier to kidnap
    Stay safe
    Eat cheesecake
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    The talk's the ideal, anyway.
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    I don't really look at this like the OP word salad. What I do hold important is that I follow some simple standards. I give people straight answers. I don't play games or bullshit. I give back in many places that have helped me in the past or that I feel does important work. I feel that every person can work to make things better. Not in some idyllic fantasy way, but real solid tangible ways. I don't think you need religion or spirituality to accomplish these things, in fact I think they can inhibit walking the walk. So I don't subscribe - I just do what I can where I can.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.
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    I don't claim perfection.
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    I try but who knows?
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    Sometimes. XD but my mind often changes every time. Lol. Sometimes i like this then i like another.....

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    I talk my walk, i come first and words follow
    Im out, its been fun
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    Not nearly as much as I ought too
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    For the most part, I do, at least on the important things. I place a high value on setting a good example rather than trying to tell others what they ought to do. Let them see what I do, and if they think it might work for them, they can try it themselves. I am especially willing to volunteer in areas that are important to me, and to donate to causes aligned with my values.
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...
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