• What is science's purpose?

To find out how and why things do/are the things they do/are.

  • What place does it hold in the grand scheme of things?

To further our insight into how things work.

  • How do you believe scientific work is done?

Trial and error with an open mind, ideally.

  • How do you believe it ought to be done?

Ah.. see above.

  • What is science?

Our current understanding of the "rules".

  • What is psuedo-science?

Assumptions based upon assumptions with little or no regard to whether they play out in the harsh light of "prove it".

  • What are your thoughts on the social sciences as compared to the life sciences or physical sciences?

88.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot. However of the 21.8% there are some real gems.

  • What about medical practice or engineering? How are they related to science?

Medical practice is more often the result of science but it can also propel it forwards. Engineering has nothing to do with science. Engineers are too dumb to understand it and they wouldn't change what they were doing anyway because they learnt it from a REAL engineer and these science bods aren't engineers so what would they know? They don't even understand what a tap is unless it emits water!!

  • Any other philosophical thoughts on science?

Yes. Quit wasting time on trying to predict the universe and get your asses into gear so we can go look up close!