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    Default Is time travel even possible?

    To follow up on @Cloudpatrol's thread I felt I shoułd ask you all if you think that it's even possible to travel through time?

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    Makise Kurisu certainly doesn't think so.

    Time-travel theories - Steins;Gate Wiki - Wikia

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    I've mastered time travel at the speed of regular time.
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    It violates the known laws of physics, so no.
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    If only it were that simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    It violates the known laws of physics, so no.
    Which ones?

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    Time Travel Is Possible, Says Stephen Hawking | Fox News

    Moving backwards is impossible, Hawking says, because it "violates a fundamental rule that cause comes before effect."

    If moving backwards through time was possible, a person could shoot their former selves.

    “I believe things cannot make themselves impossible,” Hawking said.

    However, once spaceships approached the speed of light, their crew would start skipping through Earth years on a daily basis, giving the human race a chance to start again.
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    When you're in an airplane and cross over time zones, getting to your location an hour before you left, you are, in a way, time travelling.

    One time when I was a teen and was high off Ambien I discovered how to time travel and hurried to write it down before going to sleep. The next morning I looked at what I'd written and realized I'd just drawn a circle with two arrows on it.
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    I can time travel. *adjusts tin hat*

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooseantlers View Post
    To follow up on @Cloudpatrol's thread I felt I shoułd ask you all if you think that it's even possible to travel through time?
    Time travel into the past is impossible because of entropy, but by contrast, time travel into the future is precisely delineated in the equations of Relativity.

    Here you will find the equations which tell us precisely how we travel into the future, click on Time dilation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Essentially all manner of time travel is possible, but that's a bad title for what's happening.

    Entropy is not a "real" force in the universe, its an observable phenomena that only operates at a certain gross level of Newtonian [aka: Junk] physics. Just because something has been modeled, and accepted as scientific dogma, doesn't mean it has any pervasive power over the 'natural world', such a leap can only be like any other form of blind faith— presumptuous.

    Since quantum gravity is still, simply a speculated "law" (or the regularity required to give the Scientific world view, the potential for a cohesive epistemology), acting as Scientism's greatest forerunner in its attempt to displace the necessary [and reasonable] notion of a Prime-Mover [unmoved]; the present state, with all its nebulous-causality intact, requires decisions to be affected into past events, this is also how prophecy works: the activities of consciousness' in some present time— identifies with a reading of itself from a 'past' account. The connection has to be decided in real time, and the past becomes annexed to the present. In this way, when prophecy is made and not yet fulfilled, it is driven by a [true and eternally valid] hope, for surmounting a particular hurdle which is imperative to "the will" [contained through the lineage of human intentionality, ie. the story of Chi in Tai Chi], in service of a next step in spiritual development (which is translated into great "predictive" power over the 'material world', because of how consciousness' energy has endowed itself upon the 'material world' in its peculiar treatment of 'material' as it's medium [or the medium of its will]). The prediction is purely virtual however, because it only manifests as the decision that links it with the past, is freely made in present-time.

    To move away from the spiritual example of 'time travel' as it reaches into the past (*see above: as it's described much like the nebulous position of the cat being retroactively altered into a solitary event, which simultaneously changes the past by displacing probabilities with certainties (which probably endows the present-time with a greater probability-potential that might yet be unfolded by yet another present-time,— dispatching that probability as it identifies with choosing a further {unfolded} decision {each of these cases fall under the same 'eternal' category of how you render yourself 'chosen'})). The way to describe concrete 'time travel', which again, is the wrong thing call it, is simply to create a dimensional identification with a quantum signatures, if you can observe this, you can observe yourself into another dimension, which can be accomplished through what would either described as blatant wizardry (through the mindful focus onto the quantum signature: this is not philosophically explored, in media, but its illustrated in "Riley Rewind"), or through machines which simulate the same action, but through a tangible interface which translates those mental shifts of perspective, into something which can convey that information to a bubble of preserved consciousness (in essence, travel of this kind happens by altering the universe, while preserving the 'self'; this can get slightly complicated within a psychological account of "reality", you can see some of these issues explored in the Noein anime, where the dragon-torque reference: doesn't actually make the final philosophical claim well enough: suffice to say, dimensional travel is largely a curse, its not a fatal curse, but you can't cheat the power of decisions, all challenges posed to the 'self' will essentially be the identical, but there will be a level of convolution that must be overcome to continue spiritual advancement in life-force that has experienced this 'travel'... it also invariably traps the users into a very discreet kind of circle (not a circle of causality,) but a society which is prone to 'time-travel' will have already reached its cultural peak of development, and by its use, will arrest its' species consciousness, until the use of time travel gets properly managed/limited).

    This 'travel' can still be used to help make the present clearer (as it does in the simple case of prophecy, and collapsing the 'wave-form'), by putting things (extending certain events) into the past, but generally recreational use is probably the only utilization that... is appropriate to this bothersome practice. It has been used to support some institutions, but it necessarily becomes a-political and a-cultural force very quickly (only concerned with with preserving a cohesive time-line inclusive of the civilization that allowed it to be discovered), because essentially it is obsessed with preserving the identification of its own quantum-signature (which must always, by definition, retain a measure of nebulousness,— which means it exhausts the ceiling to its productive work, quite 'soon' after it's discovered, whereby its also necessarily made secretive)— its also surprisingly unhelpful in solving the problems within culture and politics, and although it help co-ordinate information to tackle massive challenges faced as a species, it doesn't produce any answers to those challenges 'for free', the future is only as productive as the present might be generated by the decisions its containing.

    Addendum: upon the point of rendering yourself chosen, which is meant to convey a deep spiritual connotation: everything you are not specifically chosen of: is to be chosen of some segment (or style of) a 'nebulousness', which is the void upon which the earth subsists upon, by the Earth's displacement of that void; and thus, it is a dynamic which gives room to the living, to further extend its being into. Revelations speaks of a 'new earth' and 'new heaven', these are not descriptions of a static development, but a continual cosmological accounting by a metaphysical understanding.
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