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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I know right?

    If you're around long enough you get familiar with the posters who're deploying a script like a bot and dont really want that to be upset too much with doubts or alternative opinions.

    I've wavered between believing that Victor/Mole and a few other posters were bots or crude behaviourist experimentors for a while but Mole will see that as a personal attack, its just an observation though.

    I like Wittgenstein too but in some ways I think his philosophy was simpler than a lot of people think, I read a good graphic novel once (not the basis for my views on Wittgenstein BTW) in which they compared Bertrand Russelll and Wittgenstein in their development, attitudes to schooling (both were school masters for a time), war etc. Russell's struggle with axioms and truth or rigor in mathematics is pretty interesting.
    Very interesting view.

    And Mr. Mole, I was specifically referring to the annoyance of others' aphoristic writing when one himself always writes aphoristically as ironically funny.

    Still, all the best.
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    I have no idea what aphoristic means and I dont thin he is a Mister

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    Blame my Fe.

    Aphorism - basically short propositions or claims of this and that... not arguments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I have no idea what aphoristic means and I dont thin he is a Mister
    One definition of an aphorism is a concise statement of a principle. So I would have to agree I am an aphorist.

    However should I be addressed formally as Dr Mole, or perhaps familiarly as Moley? But I would accept a compromise as Mr Mole. It has the advantage of alliteration. And does engender a modicum of respect.

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