I'm sure everyone has their own set of rules, whether they are conscious of them or not, whether they are a formal, religious codified list or not.

Recently I seen this list in my newsfeed on facebook and I thought I'd share them for discussion, its your man who was going to direct Dune and whose ideas and influence was arguably felt in the actual film and Star Wars and a host of other movies and comics and books thereafter:

Alexander Jodorowsky's 82 Commandments For Living | Open Culture

Anyone who has seen the Dune documentary no doubt would consider whether or not Jodorowsky actually practiced what he preached, I know the list itself is not entirely consistent one point with another, although I wondered if that was a kind of twist or flare that at one point he says you should act like everything belongs to you and later says that nothing belongs to you.

Have you ever created a list like this yourself? I remember an episode of Star Trek Next Gen in which someone had spent the whole time creating an exhaustive list of life rules or reflections, its a little like the whole issue of defining your core values which I've read about people being interested in doing too.