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    As to how Americans choose to live out their last times on earth, I believe to each his own. I am sure that many operate out of a place of fear and decide to stay hooked up to machines whic might not be as comfortable as dying at home. But a positive is is that it might give loved ones more time to get anything they need to say off of their chest. It could give the dying person and family more time together. If someone were to choose to die at home they might have fewer days to spend with their family/friends and leave fewer things unresolved. I suppose we really do not plan for our deaths, but I think that anyway you go is going to have positives and negatives, and I don't think that you can plan for every possible way you could die. Set a broad plan, and then go out and have fun with the time you do have is what I say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    I'm going to assume this is sarcasm. As such, I will rebut your comment with:

    Death, skulls, and the grim reaper in a way have been fetishized. To me, it seems like while these things obviously represent death, the way people use these images is pretty far from actually representing death. Instead, people want to seem like a "badass" and use images that would shock others into taking them more seriously since few people would actively confront the concept of mortality. I mean, how often do you see someone with skull tattoos, a Tom Hardy shirt, or something of the like? Then how often do you think, "Holy shit, this sonuvagun is dangerous?" It's just a front. To be frank, I don't really take these people seriously. They just remind me of middle school atheists who shun religion just to piss off their parents.
    It was't sarcasm...

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    My apologies then. One can't really tell tone via text very well, and it seemed likely that could have been sarcasm coming from someone with the monicker "Doomkid"
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    I want a sky burial.

    I somehow doubt that'll happen in the US of A
    A sky burial was another thing I should have mentioned. I've love to have that happen me after I die, but sadly, you are correct that such a thing would never fly in the U.S. People want to avoid thinking of men as meat as much as possible, and I think we're worse for it.

    I've always been aware of my mortality. I remember thinking about the subject in elementary school. I think there's various childhood factors that make me extremely aware of the impermanence of it all, but I was contemplating the idea that death was just the end on summer vacations. The idea was terrifying to me at the time. Now it isn't. I was afraid that it would be like lying awake in blackness, but now I think that it won't be that bad. It'll just be nothing.

    Mexican culture has death imagery all over the place, and it's often festive. It's coming from a place that's a little more hostile to this life than I would like, but still, there is no wallpapering of the concept. There isn't the attitude people have that if we don't talk about death, we'll somehow all live forever.

    Then, the Irish have the wake. They don't act gloomy after a funeral; they get drunk and they celebrate. This seems more logical to me. What good does being morose do? Would the dead even want you to be morose? Why not celebrate that they even existed?

    I still think about death a lot. I think it's a great way to put everything in perspective. Death makes equals of us all. It falls on the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor. Death is democratic.
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