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    Default Compassion, Active Sympathy, Bearing the pain of others

    What do the following words and phrases mean to you? What roles do they play in your lives?


    Active Sympathy

    Bearing the pain of others

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    What do the following words and phrases mean to you? What roles do they play in your lives?


    Active Sympathy

    Bearing the pain of others
    I had hoped to think more on my particular answer to these challenging notions... for the first I would offer the notion of the traditional sum for tithing.
    10% of one's energy given freely away to others. I believe that nearing the completion of societal peace and justice, it is important to recount this proportionality... because an individual cannot just live to serve some external cause, and certainly any cause to which 50% or greater of one's energy is awarded, is liable to be appropriate [at least] the majority of one's sense of self. I was trying to work out how to express how 10% is enough to create enough of a collective collaboration to produce a system wherein there is a seeming total co-dependency with the support afforded each individuals endeavors (without the kind of collective bargaining that might depose and derail and dismantle each individuals vision just to afford some great collective achievement of a system, leaving its individuals as cog-worked pawns without the liberty to craft and contract to their planned vision).

    Active Sympathy:
    This to me seems to be the proper place of planned intervention, which can be only achieved depending on the scale of the redress required and the extent of one's personal resources. I for one hate the idea of tending to a problem in a way that does not solve the problem; using energy to sustain a half-measure is something I find incredibly distasteful, and can lead to disastrous consequences if measured against the long-term successes created by putting the same energy into a means that didn't just have a temporary immediate impact. There are NGO's in my country that are probably much better causes than directly offering small donations to the poor and needy (which is something I might look into more if I ever came into some money): but saving other people in general, broadening sympathy to emotional energy in human exchanges- just requires one to act in order to better the experience others are having, which is something I always try to do, although I tend to ignore the immediate response from my exchanges in favor of the long-term trajectory. It is hard to sympathize with why some choose to attach to futility, but I do sympathize with the clearer condition being covered over by such a decision, and I don't believe in half measures in helping that individual work-out that release.

    Bearing the pain of others:
    To what end? Each must bear the pain for who they are only;- if 'who you are' is someone who is doing something for someone else:- that is fine and do-able. If you bear the pain of someone else, then you must also be those others in some sense... or your pain is just simulated and imaginary.
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