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    Default Light: The secondary element of consciousness.

    How many of you remember being born?... Seriously,... Then again, how many of you actually remember being in the womb?...

    Could light be the reason for our conscious awareness? This seems like a silly question, due to the fact that some people are born blind, medically!... So we will just say they were/ and are "blinded by the light".

    The way I understand it, light is our first living memory, it has to be. Light acts as a stimulate for the brain, triggering the ability to retain and build a memory, similar to how our lungs supply our blood with new oxygen, light possibly initiates the beginning of "photo-memory" cell growth.

    Ok, so you're now probably wondering what do the blind see?... Is it black, or is it white? Someone that is born blind cannot tell you what is black or white, simply because to their brain, color has no meaning. It's 100% inconceivable for a 100% blind individual to know which color is which. All the while, they still have consciousness!... Why?

    Could we agree, that in order to have awareness one must at least have the sense of touch? And if so, could the sense of touch very well be the primary element for awareness?

    Lets take a look at nature for an example, it's probably safe to say that 70% of all living organisms on this planet is plant life, more or less, they have a strong resemblance to the living nerve system. As far as I know, plants can't hear, smell, see, or taste... But they very likely do feel! This could raise the question of whether or not plants have conscious awareness!

    So, is consciousness a manifestation, created by our first memory of light?

    And finally, does light energy(plasma)initiate, or "charge up" the physically "electrified" receptors and neurons, needed to achieve the perception of feeling?

    It's sounds odd to perceive light as a "secondary element" for the development of awareness, considering its dominance in our living world, the Sun enables life to grow... But universally, light is only a result, not the beginning... What are your thoughts?

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    I'm sure some of the first inputs of babies-in-the-womb are sounds. Also, I would not discount emotional imprints that are subconscious but very real. I have also heard of persons born blind who have had dreams in color. Based on all this, I think anything is possible. All life warrants respect.

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