A user (I forgot who they were) posted this beautiful love story that made me melt inside like a marshmallow. The amazing part is that it's entirely true. This is of an ENTJ and INFP.

Throughout my childhood and now into my adulthood, my favorite couple is my grandparents. She's an INFP and he's an ENTJ. This is their love story, and in my opinion it explains why this pairing really works. In a tiny French Canadian town, my grandfather and my grandmother were born 3 years apart. My grandfather was the youngest of 11 brothers, 2 sisters, and my grandmother was the youngest of 14 sisters. They were both seen as the weird, eccentric siblings, from my grandmother's recollection. My grandfather spent his time in school enjoying sports, quickly gathering scholarships, and making tons of friends. He was handsome, fit, and charmed nearly every girl in school. My grandmother was a little more mousy, and spent most of her time in the school library. She was not at all impressed by him. She thought he was inconsiderate, wild, and unwilling to be loyal to anyone. Likewise, my grandfather thought she was prudish, cold, and bitchy. They had many mutual friends but couldn't stand spending time together. They grew up and both went to college to become teachers. She wanted to teach English and he wanted to teach Physics. Still, they had a lot of classes together and since the college was so small they interacted often. She spent most of her time reading and studying, while he spent his time partying and winging his tests. This infuriated my grandmother, a super hard worker. Finally push came to shove and they got into a huge fight when my grandmother screamed at him in the middle of class to get a life and threw a book in his face. She stormed out of the room, went back to her dorm, and his nose was bruised horribly. My grandfather was... extremely impressed. He says that he'd never noticed a fire within her, but after he saw her explode he felt like he had to know who she really was. He describes it like a puzzle he had to solve; and he loves puzzles. My grandmother is highly enigmatic and obviously didn't feel anything for him. He started talking to her more sincerely and asked her personal questions. She didn't want to open up at first, but was afraid she had misjudged his character after a while. They became good friends once she thought she saw a more sensitive side within him. Together they went ice skating, hiking, and out for dinner. She wasn't very confident or physically graceful, but he loved helping her. After about a year of them being good friends, which was a little unusual for the time and place, my grandfather began to think he extremely in love with her. He wanted her romantic attention in public and she was highly shy, so when he would call for her or hug her in front of friends she was prone to shutting down. She shrugged off his hugs and rushed down the hallway when he called for her. He thought that she didn't like him, and she thought he really wanted to get laid. They both felt extremely betrayed and parted ways for a while. He got a new girlfriend and my grandmother finished school. She started teaching English at the local schoolhouse and watched my grandfather from afar. She says that, after a little while, she found herself feeling depressed when she saw him around town. He was still friendly to her, and it made her feel very uneasy. She loved how kindhearted he was and really wanted to be friends again. She fell deeply in love with him and realized that he had been in love with her, too. After he broke up with his new girlfriend, my grandmother figured it was time to speak up. Impulsively, she drove to his house one night and announced that she loved him and that there was nothing he could do about it. They've been together ever since. They both became teachers, and eventually he became principle of the local school. Their wedding was simple but sincere, and soon after they had three children of their own: an ISTP, an ISFJ, and an INFJ. She was seen as the household nurturer and "friend parent" while he was seen as they authoritarian, yet "fun" parent. My Dad, who is his ISTP son, takes after his parenting style. Their relationship has been ideal since marriage, not one hitch. He takes her on adventures and she cares for him. They both admit to feeling very lucky. My grandmother says that she sees him as a prince charming and he says that he sees her as a fine, precious gift. They are retired now, and growing very old. Every morning they wake up together and have a big breakfast. During breakfast they solve a crossword puzzle or sudoku as a team. After that she listens to music and tends to her garden while he goes on a long run. Usually they spend the day together, and even though they are old they are energetic with each other. Sometimes he'll impulsively swoop her up into his arms and tickle her (she's waifish and 5'0, while he is a muscular 6'2). They watch jeopardy every night and shout at the television, and if they feel like going for a drive or hike they just rush to the car. He's always willing to help around the house, and no longer values tradition like he used to. Even as a child I always thought there was something really special about them. I think the most beautiful thing about their pairing is how they respect each other's differences. She is a vegan who hates sports, and he's an athlete who loves meat. He isn't too fond of animals, but she has 4 cats. Every night she meditates, while he thinks religion is silly. They may not be the most alike, but they are both far too intelligent for their own good and they love each other endlessly. Nowadays they make all their phone calls as a duo, and will soon be celebrating 55 years of marriage. It read "He keeps me anchored, she keeps me safe. Love forever."