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    Default What Religion Do You Practice/Not Practice and Why?

    I expect to find a lot of atheists and agnostics, but this might not necessarily be the case. I'm also very interested in the "Why?" responses I might get.

    I might post my extraordinarily, exhaustingly long dissertation on why I believe/don't believe what I do if several people post replies, but I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment. Also, I'd much rather see what other people think first

    What do you believe and why?

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    I'm a Christian, well for one I was brought up that way, and I'm really glad I was. Although I've definitely questioned Christian teachings; the way it makes no sense to atheists that God exists, it makes no sense to me that he doesn't. My experiences as well have definitely added to my belief.

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    I believe the Bible is the living, breathing word of God. I believe God is love. I believe in Jesus and the forgiveness of sin. I believe most people are going to heaven. I believe love, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres for all people, even in the darkest places, because God loves and believes in their potential that much. (1 Corinthians 13:7).
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    Agnostic but I was raised Catholic. Religion, it makes no difference what kind, there is no place for it in my life, I don't want to be anywhere near it. It had nothing to do with how I was raised, I simply have a visceral, disgusted reaction to it. I don't react well to evangelizing either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laterlazer View Post
    I'm a Christian, well for one I was brought up that way, and I'm really glad I was. Although I've definitely questioned Christian teachings; the way it makes no sense to atheists that God exists, it makes no sense to me that he doesn't. My experiences as well have definitely added to my belief.
    More or less, yeah. I'm an atheist because while the world has a cornucopia of religions and differing sects, none of them have any evidence backing them up.

    I think the truth is that religion is something that must be felt and experienced to be truly embraced, and I've never felt it. The closest I ever came to a religious experience was reading the final chapter of The Last Battle. (The last book of The Chronicles of Narnia.) It was the first time that a book ever took my breath away...but even then, my reaction was "Wow, what a great narrative conclusion!" rather than "Wow, maybe these books are an allegory for something real..."

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    I don't believe in any religion. They're all completely implausible to me. I don't like the label "atheist" because it implies I believe in an -ism, and I most definitely do not.

    For the most part I avoid talking about religion, because I know my casual dismissal of any and all of them can be a little rude. Caustic even, if given the opportunity to rant at length about it.

    To the religious people out there I'm not sure I could ever adequately explain my indifference. The most polite way I can is to say that the active religions of today seem as implausible as the (e.g.) Norse pantheon of gods would seem to any Jew, Muslim, Christian, etc. Taking communion is not unlike making a ritual sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl; praying to Allah not unlike making an offering to Athena at the Parthenon. The dogma just... doesn't jive with me.

    I appreciate that a lot of religious dogma encourages us all to be good to each other, but I don't need belief to guide me. I know how to be good, and I'm pretty sure I am good.

    Religion brings me no comfort in hard times, it brings me no more happiness or sadness about how the world around me plays out. It's probably hard for a devout believer in a religion to truly comprehend the feeling of disencumbrance I feel by having no religion. To me it's an extra 'thing'; a superfluous part of a life. I don't need it, and it's incredulous to me that others do.
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    If you're a Christian, you're going to hell for not being something else, and if you're something else, you're going to hell for not being a Christian. So I don't see the point in bothering to get out of bed early to attend church or mosque or whatever. If I'm going to hell, I may as well do it with a good night's rest.

    I don't even want to address the question. If there's someone up in the sky, I don't think it's likely they care what you label yourself or what you go so far as to outright believe. I don't particularly believe anything. I don't even particularly believe that this isn't all some sort of screwed up dream. I just try, sometimes, to be as good a person as I reasonably can be, and hope that that will at least let me go to bed with a sound conscience if not win me admission into an eternal paradise.

    To the extent that I have any clear spiritual beliefs, they're mostly aligned with Buddhist teachings. I believe that we go through an endless cycle of death and rebirth (from which there is probably no escape). I also believe that my present actions send things out into the universe that will probably sooner or later come back to me, and so, like a good Buddhist, I attend to my karma.

    And that's really about as far as it goes. I've never found a religion that entirely rang true to me (whether or not there's something wrong with my ears is for you to decide), and I don't feel any real compulsion to change that. To the extent that I've gone deeper into religion, it has almost without exception brought me stress instead of relief. And I do not say that lightly--I once had a long lasting breakdown, from which it was very hard to recover, that was in no small part brought on by religion. To me that defeats the purpose and argues against the idea that the particular strands of religion I've had experience with are right and healthy. Most things are either true or false, and how you feel about them is unimportant. Religion isn't one of those things; religion isn't just supposed to be true; it's supposed to help you.

    The bottom line is that I'm declining to make a definitive statement on the matter (and no, I'm not an agnostic). I think definitive statements are overrated.
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    I am atheist because I see no reason to believe in a god or anything spiritual. The reason being is there no evidence to support such a think. As such I see it as foolish.

    Granted, I can see why for some people it is helpful and can lead to them living more fulfilling lives because of it. For others it is actually necesscarry for their mental health and ability to function as a human. It doesn't make those beliefs factually correct though. It's just merely a tool that is used for them. If it helps and doesn't negatively impact those around them good for them. That said, I see religion and spirituality more harmful than good from a global prospective so I am against it. I see it as an impedance on societal progress. I will tolerate and sometimes respect religious individuals who are good people, and keep their faith limited to themselves and those who share their faith. Doubly so if they recognize that their beliefs are not supportable and respect others who do not share that. If they go beyond that though and try to spread it around, or allow their beliefs to influence life and political decisions that effect others, all bets are off.
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    If only it were that simple.
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    I fervently practice none of them, although I do think keeping up with Christianity's various teachings is good for one's memory.

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    I would say I'm an agnostic.

    The concept of 'God' is the equivalent of saying that there is an invisible chair behind me, it is a statement that is neither provable or unprovable.

    Based on the multitude of contradictions in most of the religious texts, and the reasons possible as to why religion would have existed (control, comfort, etc.), I find it highly likely that religions were built on lies or misinterpretations.
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