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    Revenge against our future selves. You can enjoy it now, but it will take away from who you are. Not my problem, I'll leave it for future me to deal with. Short-sighted hedonism.

    But is it really even more enjoyable, or is it just easier? But I guess effort always implies enjoyment in the future*, even if it's the very near future, so we just follow the path of least-resistance.

    *or is effort enjoyable in itself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chthonic View Post
    And that's not highly emotive language reminiscent of propaganda at all..... I've been reading your posts for a while and hate to say it, but the language used and sentiments expressed read like extreme patriotism.
    I confess: I am an Australian patriot, but worse, I am loyal to Western Civilization.

    But why am an Australian patriot and loyal to Western Civilization?

    And the answer is that Australia, as part of Western Civilization, is my home. And I am at home in Australia and Western Civilization.

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