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    Default Millennials and Nihilism

    Got this thread idea from two things: firstly, this article in the New York Times today, and secondly, a recent episode of WNYC's "Radiolab" podcast/radio show, hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Below is the closest I could get to a transcript/summary -- as well as a link to the podcast.

    In The Dust Of This Planet - Radiolab

    Horror, fashion, and the end of the world … things get weird as we explore the undercurrents of thought that link nihilists, beard-stroking philosophers, Jay-Z, and True Detective.

    Today on Radiolab, a puzzle. Jad’s brother-in-law wrote a book called 'In The Dust of This Planet'.

    It’s an academic treatise about the horror humanity feels as we realize that we are nothing but a speck in the universe. For a few years nobody read it. But then …

    It seemed to show up on True Detective.

    Then in a fashion magazine.

    And then on Jay-Z's back. How?

    We talk nihilism with Eugene Thacker & Simon Critchley, leather jackets with June Ambrose, climate change with David Victor, and hope with the father of Transcendental Black Metal - Hunter Hunt Hendrix of the band Liturgy. Special thanks to Thrill Jockey for use of the Liturgy song 'Generation'.
    Thoughts/opinions/feelings/etc? Does this resonate?

    My thoughts are below, in spoiler tags.

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    I think it might be a phase or particular cultural trait based on this generation being overexposed to electronic devices.

    It's a hunch though so take it with a grain of salt. The internet can make someone feel small.

    Before the internet the world felt bigger, more dangerous, but certainly more of an adventurous proposition. We are no pushing towards the frontiers and boundaries of our geographic existence so I think this is a phenomena related to that...
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