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    I think it bears mentioning that God does not want us to suffer. That suffering is not the goal, nor a necessary means to an ends. And God does not want us to learn the 'hard way', which is the very reason He gives us many laws in the bible.

    That being said, people hurt each other in this world. And we are forced to learn from it whether we want to or not. If we but turn to God, He will bring beauty out of ashes.
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    I had a breakdown last year about this time and was unable to work for four months. I was diagnosed Bipolar II with OCD and GAD. I was so happy to be properly diagnosed for the first time in my life, and given medicine that actually works. I don't mind telling my diagnosis, including to my employers. But on coming back to work, what I experience is not stigma but a horrific lack of compassion. I find people just don't know anything about mental illness. The attitude I get is something like "Why don't you just act right?"

    A friend gave me a kit from 23andMe as a gift, and I enjoyed looking at the genealogy aspect -- then I downloaded my raw data to Promethease, which is a free site that gives the medical information for your genome. Page after page after page after page of disorders on the autism/bipolar/schizophrenic continuum. There is no question that this is genetic. Which makes me a lean very hard on the Nature side of any Nature versus Nurture debate. I almost feel that psychologists and counselors do a disservice because they dissipate energy that could be going to chemically treating what is an actual physical "disability." You can talk therapy this stuff endlessly, but really nothing changes until you receive the proper medical support, which has to come from a psychiatrist. For this reason, I think it's cruel to assert that there is no genetic component. It's more of the "why don't you just act right" attitude. The answer is, "Because that's not how I'm wired."

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    I've had mental illnesses since I was a little girl. I've been on SSRIs since I was seven to combat OCD and GAD, followed by a bout of major depression and panic disorder my sophomore year of high school. I also spent two and a half years with an eating disorder. And I consider myself much more capable of understanding others. Having fought through mental disorders has made me feel able to conquer anything. I think people with mental illness should definitely be heard and that they possess more wisdom than most. I've met some remarkable people with mental illness with insights that have astounded me.
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    Yeah, going through some atypical experience can offer a different perspective. Not better, but different. And that perspective, when given a voice and combined with more 'normal' perspectives, then separating the wheat from the chaff in the whole thing, leads to greater collective wisdom.

    Going through hell and back gives one something to offer, both to themselves and to other people.
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    I wanted therapy to help me overcome issues. Instend I had medication forced on me. It's easy to force a pill on someone. It's harder to teach them to deal on their own. I hate the mental health system.

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