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    Just some family and friends that do NOT know how to shut up and listen.

    Anyone else, I just walk away, or am not afraid to offend.

    Two people talking: should be "I share, then you share, I share, then you share." Not farkin' rocket surgery.

    If I come across some non-stopping yakker, that can't tell I'm not interested, it's excuse making time in my head then "hey, I gotta call on the other line" or "I just realized I have to be at_____"

    I THINK I'm personally pretty good at reading people and can tell if they're into what I'm saying, but I guess not everyone can read genuine listening and polite listening.
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    I get drained around people that are full of it, or that are obsessed with competition, having everything stay the same, telling everyone what to do, imposing their BS beliefs, getting in the way, etc. I think it happens because I start to think about how much time I'll have to waste dealing with their stupidity, how much time I've already wasted, and how much worse things will be with them around. It gets even worse when I realize how rotten they really are, and that if anything can go wrong, they'll ensure that it does. This unnecessarily complicates my life, slows everything down to a crawl, adds unnecessary stress, and leaves me with less time to do what I'm trying to do. When they are full of it, I'm drained/annoyed by the fact that anyone could be that rotten, and by the fact that they think no one notices and that they'll get away with it.

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    I'm drained by people who talk a lot. The only way I can explain it is like this. You know the health bar on video games? I have a social bar. The bar goes down at a pretty slow, steady rate when I'm around other quiet people like me. But when I'm with talkative people, the bar goes down very quickly. The more they talk, the faster it goes down, until I'm mentally and emotionally drained, and I literally cannot take any more. At that point, I have to be alone, so the bar can be allowed to recharge.
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    ~psychic vampires~

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