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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    The "fences" in issues like this are actually Great Walls. They give a great vantage points for what is on either side, and there is plenty of room there.

    I've agreed with every post of yours on this thread so far.
    Good, so you also think my philosophy professor was totally dreamy and hot. Glad we agree!

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    Wait! I remember this bit;

    "How come when it's a human, it's an abortion, but when it's a chicken, it's an omelette?"

    we fukin won boys

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    Oy. I've exerted all my abortion debating energy already with BlueWing. I require a 1 month vacation before picking it up again.
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    Some societies don't consider a child fully human until it has survived its first year and had a naming ceremony. I've heard of this sort of thing in Africa and something similar in Brazil. I guess we in the countries with higher standards of living should be happy we can even have this argument, since in other societies where survival is less assured, whether a child becomes human or not is almost left to fate.

    The only opinion I can clearly state about this, is that if a woman cannot have access to an abortion (particularly a woman in a low economic status or underpriveleged situation), there need to be some extreme requirements ensuring that the man that helped her create the thing doesn't haul ass outta dodge. A pregnancy is usually talked about as a woman's "problem" because it is indeed her body that must support the fetus, while the guy that helped concieve just sort of falls out of the picture. I'm sure many men out there are responsible, but I'm guessing that a lot of women who get abortions probably do it because they worry they will be forced to face the pregnancy alone - that once they inform the man, he'll take off. Child support? Sure, but I'm thinking paying money from a distance is nothing compared to raising a child alone and unprepared.

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