The maya calendar is a system used in pre-Columbian Mesoameria and in many other modern communities, it includes several cycles and counts of different lengths. The tzolkin is the name commonly employed for the Maya Sacred Round or 260-day calendar. Every day is given a name from a list of 20 day-name.

This 13 moons calendar reminds us we are here to find our true essence and develop our many kinds of energies.
This year is considered as being the Yellow Seed by the Mayaists. In their books they propose some exercises to work on the chakras.

There is a good website for french users (you can ask for the english newsletter) to know what your KIN is.

What is your KIN ?

On this blog you can go to "calculer son kin" to know your Galactic signature.
And you'll find it automatically thanks to the calculator online.

Your date of birth in the 13 moons calendar is your "GALACTIC SIGNATURE", also called Kin.
It is one of the 260 possibilities that you can visualise on the Tolzkin below
To find by yourself you galactic signature, follow each step :

1.Write down your date of birth. Find your Red number in the red frame.
2. Add to this Red number the one in the blue box.

RED NUMBER (your year of birth) + the blue number (your month of birth).

3. Add now your day of birth. If you were born the 25 of December: RED NUMBER + BLUE ONE + 25.

4. If your result is + 260 you must subtract 260 to the total.

5. Now that you have found the number that represents your galactic signature, refer to the frame below.

As it is written in french, for the blue frame :
January is Janvier, February is Février and so on until.... December.