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    Quote Originally Posted by Beorn View Post
    In actuality the wiki provided a good generic description to show where two worldviews divide on the issue. It's your own worldview that causes you to presume that value exists only through individual determination and preference. You presume "of value" only exists with "to." Likewise it's my own worldview that sees "of value" as meaning that something is connected to the higher realm.
    ... as predicted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kullervo View Post
    In other words, does creativity have some moral direction or is it entirely at the behest of the user. Can dictators, serial killers, sadists, and other people whose behaviour we consider to be morally abhorrent simulatenously be considered to be highly imaginiative people?

    Are you high?

    When people get high, they think they're brilliantly coming up with, and tackling, great philosophical questions about life, when, for all the sober people around them, it's quite the ridiculous display of pontification.

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