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I ended up homeless last year, I got by on my own and in my own way, realise I was lucky to have options most others dont.

its a long story, but it boiled down to being alone, not trusting anyone, I was at rock bottom, no family, no friends, I turned to the church...........and I think it was a huge mistake, they did some good at first, welcomed me in, but as soon as it was obvious I wasnt going to swallow their docrtine I was insidiously pushed away. I tried other places that had christians and the same happened. Its done more harm than good, I avoid them like the plague now, some of the worlds worst people I know, they seem like respectful citizens but if you arent one of them, they turn on you. even the vicar made up his mind about me, even though he was wrong. one thing ive noticed, once a christian has made their mind up, its cast in stone! too judgemental. I would have expected compassion, a bit of love and understanding, an open mind. Real love and compassion is hard to find, certainly the real deal, not fake words and promises. Id echo what was said above, be genuine, totally transparent, and really know you want to do this for their help alone, be totally selfless, dont do it to make yourself look good or feel better, abused people are used to seeing through people, their trust in humanity has been severely damaged. I expect most will just want genuine help and some compassion, if they become chistian or not is another matter, dont push them into it.
There are 88,000 homeless people in Los Angles alone. Of these two thirds are elegible for Collaborative Housing.

So there is no need to sell your soul to a religion to find supported accomodation.

Just click on Collaborative Housing