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    Default Religious\Spiritual Beliefs

    So what are your religious\spiritual beliefs, if you will...

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    christianity. but i try to keep it as spiritual and un-religious as i can.
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    Christianity, it is the religion I grew up with, I agree with it and what it stands for, so I will continue to hold it as my religion later in life. The only thing I wish to change is my participation in religion customs as in reading the Bible daily and going to church a lot more often.

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    I wouldn't call myself Christian per se, but I don't think I can ever completely divorce myself from its influence. I constantly read "Bible Stories" when I was little, I went to Sunday school, I did my first communion. The Christian morality and its worldview has really shaped my own. My mom really instilled that Catholic Guilt thing in me.

    I never quite bought the whole thing, however. Even at 7, when I was still going to church regularly, I remember feeling guilty, because I didn't feel any profound relationship with Jesus, and was a bit puzzled by the obvious factual problems with the Old Testament. I wish they had told me that a lot of the stories are more like fairy tales with morals, I could have understood that better. Looking back at my first communion pictures, I can recognize the dead-eyed smile that I remember putting up for all the excited adults to see. I felt nothing, but all the adults around me seemed to think it was true and important, so I assumed there was something wrong with me. It was one of the earliest moments I can recall, of deeply feeling a mental split between my private beliefs and my parent's.

    I went through a strong atheistic period (ages 12-18), where I worshipped math and science, and ridiculed spirituality and "feelings". I was reading Nietzsche, Camus, Dawkins, and I acted like a caricature of an NT. I was very bitter, arrogant, and cynical. This period coincided with me befriending an INTP 5w6, ISTJ 6w5, and an ENTP 7w8, so I think that partly, I was just trying to fit in. When I graduated and got away from those guys, my atheism slowly dissolved into an undefined, uncertain sort of spirituality. I flirted with Taoism and Buddhism for a while (Jung sort of nudged me in that direction), then tried to return to Christianity by reading C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, but couldn't quite get there.

    I am currently in the midst of a very big spiritual transformation, but it's too early to say how it's going to turn out.

    Long story short, I'm not quite sure what I believe yet, but I do believe there is some sort of grand intelligence/order to the universe. I do not subscribe to the notion that all meaning in the universe is just a human projection onto a soulless void.

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    I'm agnostic. I acknowledge that what I know about the universe is practically nothing compared to what I don't know, and that I can only speculate about its ultimate nature. I was an existentialist atheist for a while, and that's still my "default" way of thinking, but I now have less certainty about it and can entertain the possibility of the existence of a higher power (not a personal god in my opinion, but some kind of force that we don't understand), or an ultimate Mind like in Buddhism. I definitely don't believe in heaven and hell, or in any form of individual afterlife. I think that our personalities and memories cease to exist when our brains die, but there could be some underlying essence/pure Consciousness that transcends the physical.

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    Raised a Christian.

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    Atheist. My parents raised me free of religious or spiritual ideas, I think I was about eight or nine when I first heard about the concept of 'God'. Now there's still no space for a deity in my world view, just don't know where I'd put him or what role to give him.
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    Grew up and live in the most secular country in the world. Religion has close to zero influence on society here. Even christian people's faith has become something personal and subject to personal interpretation rather than something communal, and organized religion is slowly heading towards inevitable dissolution. Haven't come across evidence for a higher power or supernatural beings either. So it's a no brainer for me.

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    Agnostic, with a life approach incorporating aspects of Christianity + Zen.

    I grew up in conservative Christianity (various Protestant forms + non-denom and eventually evangelical). Once I had access to more information and more data (archaeological, scientific, textual criticisms, etc.) all started coming out, I ended up shifting my views of the evidence and this changed what I thought to be more probable. Finally left the church (and any positions of leadership I had) in my late 30's.

    I still talk to God sometimes, but I don't know whether there is such a being. I'm very conscious of why I think something is right or wrong or what I choose to do in life. I've had to develop my own sense of values and choose to do them because I believe in them personally, not because I'm instructed to follow them, although I still fluctuate as I work through this long process of change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unsung View Post
    Grew up and live in the most secular country in the world.
    Which is what?

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