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  • Christianity

    24 38.10%
  • Judaism

    2 3.17%
  • Islam

    0 0%
  • Buddhism

    2 3.17%
  • Hinduism

    1 1.59%
  • Agnosticism

    12 19.05%
  • Atheism

    13 20.63%
  • Unitarian-Universalism

    3 4.76%
  • Paganism\Wiccanism

    1 1.59%
  • Shamanism

    1 1.59%
  • Satanism

    4 6.35%
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    Devout Christian (uncommon for ENTPs, or so I've heard.) I have a relationship with God and also see the logic in his existence. I can't really put myself into a denomination, though, other than Protestant. I'm not very traditional -- I believe you can be an extremely devout Christian without attending church, for example -- and view the religion less as a religion in the traditional sense and more as a relationship and a way to live my life -- to love God, people, and myself. My motto religiously and just throughout every area of my life would be John 15:12: "My command is this: love each other as I have first loved you." :-)

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    i am a follower of jesus. love God. love others. i also believe in all the wild stuff in the gospels but in as lowkey a way as possible. help the poor, preach the word, pray for healing, hear from God, cast out demons. yup, the whole enchilada but use your brain. that isn't optional. sadly, the church in the western world is a largely a mess. if i hadn't had a supernatural encounter with God i probably wouldn't have much interest in it all. but i did and He is everything.

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